Regional projects

In its first year R&Co4Generations has launched support for local projects in 11 countries across five continents. Read on to learn about selected partnerships. 

Promoting skills and talents: Access to higher education

R&Co4Generations funds higher education scholarships in five countries, ensuring that financial considerations are not a barrier to attending and enjoying university. Programmes include in-house initiatives in Italy, South Africa and the UK, and funding for partner organisation Greenhouse Scholars in the US.

Watch our video to hear from recent recipients of the UK’s Rothschild & Co Bursary Programme and what this support means to them.

Promoting skills and talents: mentoring and tutoring support


TADA is a network for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Over three years, young people take part in extracurricular activities led by professionals to give them a broad overview of a range of different careers. Along with lawyers, mechanics, journalists, chefs and many other professions, our people give young people an insight into the business world and provide equal opportunity to internships and work experience.

As a result, young people’s self-confidence and resilience are strengthened, they have greater employment opportunities and upon graduating are part of TADA’s alumni network. This gives young people the chance to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they have left the programme.

Duo for a Job

Duo for a Job is an intergenerational mentoring programme that pairs young migrants with experienced volunteers over 50. By bringing these two groups together, Duo for a Job aims to eliminate inequalities in access to employment for migrants, recognise the knowledge and experience of senior citizens and to combat discrimination by creating social cohesion, understanding and solidarity.

R&Co4Generations’ support gives young people access to weekly mentoring sessions over six months; providing support, assistance and the confidence to find meaningful employment.

Promoting skills and talents: access to music, sport and the arts

Third Street Music School

Third Street Music School transforms lives through the arts and is committed to leveraging arts education to empower young people and unite the diverse communities of New York City.

Support from R&Co4Generations enables Third Street’s teaching artists to go into under-resourced public schools, public housing, and community centres across the city to provide high-quality music and dance education programmes. Young people who would not otherwise have access to arts education learn to sing, dance or play an instrument and are given the opportunity to perform in public.


Play4Peace breaks social and cultural barriers by bringing together young people from different backgrounds and giving them the opportunity to encounter new people and experiences. Through sports and education programmes, young people are able to be fully involved in their communities, raising their awareness and attainment.

Our people share their expertise and experience through Play4Peace’s mentoring programme, providing mock interviews, insight days and workshops.

Promoting change by developing 21st century skills and entrepreneurial mindsets

One of R&Co4Generations’ key aims is to help young people develop the 21st century skills and aptitudes that they will need in order to tackle the twin threats of inequalities and climate change.  We are delighted to have embarked on new partnerships with a number of organisations doing just that:

Entreprendre pour Apprendre

Entreprendre pour Apprendre creates links between young people, business professionals and schools to ensure all young people have the power to develop their creativity and ideas. Through the Mini-Entreprise programme young people experience entrepreneurship in a fun and engaging way so they can develop entrepreneurial mindsets, discover the professional world and take ownership over their future.

Our support enables young people from all walks of life to participate in a Mini-Enterprise programme in their local area.  Rothschild & Co people participate in regional and European judging panels and share their expertise on leadership, team-work and communication.

Young People’s Trust for the Environment

Young People’s Trust for the Environment encourages and inspires young people to take leading roles in tackling environmental issues to ensure that future generations live in greater harmony with the natural world.

R&Co4Generations is funding The Primary Awards for Green Education in Schools; a competition open to all primary schools in the UK which celebrates any school project focused on environmental issues – from tackling food waste to starting a school recycling scheme.