Investor Advisory

Guiding our clients through ESG and activism challenges

We help our clients engage effectively with their shareholders so they can navigate the risks and opportunities resulting from ESG considerations, including activist challenges.

As well as assisting in business strategy, this expertise is increasingly important in structuring and successfully executing M&A transactions, allocation of capital, and driving support from investors.


activist situations since 2019 acting as lead adviser


specific ESG mandates for listed and unlisted clients since 2022

Activist defence

Expert support to both pre-empt and negotiate activist attacks

ESG Advice

Advice on ESG considerations for M&A transactions and allocation of capital

ESG Ratings

Obtaining the best possible ratings to stay competitive against peers

Investor Marketing

Providing equity market advice and investor engagement services to help our clients compete for Investor Marketing capital as effectively as possible

Activist Defence

Effective prevention and tactical response

We meet our clients’ needs to determine and evaluate how best to respond and act in the interests of all stakeholders, how to address misperceptions and maximise support and valuation in the event of an activist event.

Our experienced team includes former equity sales, fund managers and brokers connected to over 400 investors worldwide, from the largest global asset managers to boutiques, wealth managers and pension funds. We hold deep understanding of how to influence, access and drive support.

We can advise and execute on the most complex proposals that might arise, including spin-offs, splits, listing moves and capital allocation changes.

Our independent advice is integrated with our sector expertise, with no conflict with prime broking or trading relationships.

Pre-attack, we provide:

  • Regular vulnerability assessments with recommendations and actions to address areas of weakness and drive valuation and support
  • Independent assessment of shareholder and analyst views
  • Communications and governance support around ESG and AGMs

Post-attack, we provide:

  • Strategic advice to Boards on responding to the activist and engaging with investors and market influencers
  • Focus on an objective assessment of demands and likely support across the register
  • Deep understanding and experience of increasingly complex dynamics of voting if required for Board challenges or EGMs
  • Granular analysis and monitoring of shareholders

ESG Advice

The right strategy, effectively communicated to help access capital

We provide strategic advice around all aspects of ESG considerations on the allocation of capital and in M&A situations. 

We help our clients ensure that their ESG investment proposition is effectively communicated with stakeholders and reflected in valuation, to help maximise all possible pools of capital available.

Our dedicated team holds ESG qualifications and experience of understanding what matters to investors, in a world increasingly dominated by data reporting, regulatory requirements and the evolving impact of energy transition.

Our support includes advice on:

  • Which agencies matter and how investors use ratings
  • Framework for ratings
  • Areas of weakness and best solutions
  • How to engage agencies
  • How to maintain good ratings
  • New trends and issues

ESG Ratings

Maximising ratings to help clients remain competitive

We help listed and pre-IPO clients to understand the ESG ratings process, help them engage with key providers, and to optimise or obtain ESG ratings to stay competitive against peers. 

Our experienced teams in Paris and London hold strong relationships with the agencies, understand current dynamics and monitor the changing requirements of what can be a time-consuming and complex process for companies to understand, in a crowded field of many different agencies.

Our advice includes:

  • The impact of energy transition
  • Support on key ESG themes and drivers for companies and sectors
  • Review of the investment case to identify opportunities versus peers, optimise messaging and integrate ESG
  • Opportunities to target and access incremental flows and ESG capital
  • Impact of M&A options on the ESG proposition
  • Remuneration and Board governance issues including consultations and AGM’s, succession change
  • ESG activism and positioning
  • IPO investment cases optimisation

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