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R&Co4Generations is Rothschild & Co’s philanthropic foundation.

We collaborate with social and environmental purpose organisations that are aligned with our core mission to empower future generations and protect our world.

I believe whole-heartedly in our firm’s capacity to empower the next generations to make the changes our societies and our planet need.”

President of the R&Co4Generations Foundation Alexandre de Rothschild

We seek to drive change by supporting initiatives and projects across four thematic pillars

Developing skills and talents

Champion education, skills and talents to help young people reach their potential.

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Cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets

Cultivate young entrepreneurial mindsets to create agents of social change.

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Championing innovative solutions

Empower organisations tackling socio-economic and environmental challenges with innovative solutions.

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Promoting environmental action

Promote environmental action to protect and enhance our communities for future generations.

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Our tools

We seek to engage with charities and social enterprises in ways that make the greatest possible impact, bringing together the combined resources and talents of the Rothschild & Co ecosystem to reach our goal.

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Grant funding

Grant funding is available for not-for-profit partners and their projects aligned to our mission and strategic priorities.

Volunteer programmes

Our colleagues participate in skills-based volunteering, leveraging their professional experience and expertise to support young people and conservation volunteering, connecting our colleagues to green spaces.

Pro bono Advisory

We believe that one of the most effective ways in which we can make a meaningful difference is by sharing the professional knowledge and skills we possess as a business. We pursue this through our Pro-bono Advisory initiative, offering free professional advice to social purpose organisations.


Facilitate a variety of events, bringing together our partners, colleagues, philanthropists, business leaders to enable mutual learning and connections.

Venture philanthropy

Venture Philanthropy is a new dynamic tool enabling the foundation to amplify its capacity to make a difference by backing pioneering social purpose startups with self-sustainable business models addressing youth unemployment, environmental protection and climate change.

Fundraising with company matching

We run targeted fundraising campaigns with company matching for global and local projects and encourage individual fundraising efforts.

Our projects

In addition to supporting projects that operate close to our offices, R&Co4Generations engages in a number of global flagship projects which involve long term, multi-layered support and provide opportunities for our people globally to become involved.

Global projects

Our global projects operate in multiple geographies, tackling issues of global significance.

Regional projects

Our local projects are focused on local initiatives that operate close to our offices.

Connecting our people to purpose

In line with Rothschild & Co's long tradition of philanthropy, our people and the causes they care about are at the heart our strategy. People across our geographies and at all levels of experience are encouraged to get involved with R&Co4Generations. Regardless of location, division, or level of seniority we ensure that our colleagues can give back in whatever way they can: whether it is giving their time, sharing their skills and experience, or participating in fundraising campaigns. Read more about our Venture philanthropy and Pro bono Advisory programmes below.

Pro bono Advisory

Our Pro bono Advisory initiative offers free professional advice to social purpose organisations, helping to sustain and scale organisational effectiveness.

Venture Philanthropy

Through venture philanthropy R&Co4Generations is backing pioneering social or environmental purpose startups with self-sustainable business models addressing youth unemployment, biodiversity protection and climate change.

Progress Report 2023

Our 2023 progress report outlines the work of our charity partners and Rothschild & Co volunteers who have gone above and beyond to support our mission.


To focus and maximise our impact, R&Co4Generations’ mission is in alignment with the ambitions of six UN Sustainable Development Goals: