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We are a global, independent multi-specialist asset manager, delivering bespoke investment solutions and advisory services to institutional clients, financial intermediaries, and third-party distributors.

Thanks to our complementary strategies and approaches in all geographical areas and each asset classes, we offer dedicated investment solutions in line with our clients' needs.

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We provide sustainable investment solutions

Our sustainable investment approach is based on two complementary principles: the integration of ESG criteria into financial analysis and an engagement policy that allows us to have an impact on the companies in our investment universe. We wish to encourage companies to adapt their practices and to participate in the orientation of financial flows towards players who integrate ESG challenges into their strategy and provide concrete solutions.






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Our philosophy

We actively manage our portfolios with a goal to outperform the indices, whatever the market conditions, and with a controlled level of risk. Our investment strategy is based on three key principles that drive our investment decisions regarding allocation, sector and stock selection.

Our three core investment principles are Conviction, Fundamentals and Convexity.


Our portfolios reflect the strongest convictions of the portfolio managers in terms of asset allocation, thematic, sector and securities selection


Our investment philosophy is based on comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis


We seek asymmetrical investments, where there is high upside potential and limited downside risk

Investment solutions

Direct Management

Our Direct management expertise covers a large range of strategies, including European equities, large small and mid-cap, thematic as well as fixed-income and balanced funds. Our investment style is characterised by a long-term, high-conviction approach, which is reflected by taking strong positions in certain securities, sectors and thematic areas.

Open Architecture

Our Open-Architecture Solutions gives us the freedom to recommend funds that meet each client's best interests, even if they aren't proprietary products. Our open-architecture asset allocation combines top-down and bottom-up approaches.

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