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  • Understanding sustainability risks and opportunities


    Investing is not just about choosing companies that we expect to achieve success in the short term. It’s important to find businesses which can adapt to a changing world and are part of shaping the future. In this article we explore the risks and opportunities they face.

    Daniel Drain

  • Should I form a trust?


    Trusts can be an effective way to provide for your family while retaining control, but you must balance the advantages against the administrative and financial costs. In this article we examine the pros and cons of setting up a trust, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

    David Kilshaw

  • Are oil prices pushing inflation higher?


    Oil prices are up by a fifth since January, but should we be worried this will sustain higher inflation? We consider how demand may be firming up as the depressed manufacturing sector picks up, and the impact that could have on demand for raw inputs like oil.

    Victor Balfour

  • Sustainable fashion should never go out of style


    In our first Sustainability Spheres event, industry experts discussed the future of ‘fast fashion’, a model which dominates the sector but has been criticised for being unsustainable. Attendees were asked how the industry can embed sustainable practices into their models.

    Becky Orme, Laura Negus

  • Navigating political noise

    Quarterly Letter

    More than 50 countries will hold an election in 2024, with more than 40% of the world’s population eligible to vote. We examine how elections can come to dominate our conversations and thinking, and how it pays to take a step back and consider the long-term view.

    Helen Watson

  • Rates round-up


    Democracy is said to be in crisis, but is that actually the case? And would it affect portfolios if it is? We outline why we think the global business cycle will likely remain the day-to-day driver of portfolios, regardless of what happens at the ballot box.

    Kevin Gardiner

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