Diversity and inclusion

Creating a culture where everyone feels welcome, included and respected is central to our success.


Our people support each other to deliver the best products and services to our clients, so we encourage everyone to build a wide network across the firm. Make a friend at the coffee counter. Speak up at that meeting. Say hi in the lift. Stand up for your colleagues. We look to recruit people who can foster this kind of inclusive, supportive environment. And when you join us, we will continue to support your personal development through our internal networks and membership of external networking organisations.


We've never been more focused on safeguarding the wellbeing of our colleagues both at home and at work. We recognise the importance of physical and mental health and are heavily invested in safeguarding and enhancing both, as our people navigate the challenges of today's ever-changing world. 

Diversity and inclusion programmes

  • 2022 Horizon Women's Insight Programme

    Join our successful women's insight programme as it returns to our London office for a third year

  • 2022 Horizon & Pioneer Work Experience Programmes

    Our week-long work experience programmes offer year 12 and 13 students an immersive insight into our Global Advisory, Wealth Management and Merchant Banking businesses.

  • upReach

    As part of our commitment to helping underrepresented emerging talent, we enjoy a successful partnership with upReach, a charity that helps young people achieve their career potential by providing an intensive programme of support that addresses socioeconomic barriers to employment. The partnership involves Rothschild & Co providing Insight Days and professional work experience to a number of upReach Associates.

  • #10000 Black Interns

    Partnering with #10000BlackInterns, Rothschild & Co is offering positions within several of its UK business divisions and corporate functions as part of #10000BlackInterns, an initiative designed to transform the horizons and prospects of young black people in the United Kingdom.

  • Our partnerships

    We are focused on building a diverse talent pipeline and as such partner with several networks to provide insights, advice, and opportunities. Through our partnerships with organisations such as Bright Network, GTI Target Jobs and SEO London we host a variety of events throughout the year.

Networks and partnerships

Rothschild & Co EMbrace Network – UK

We're making Rothschild & Co a truly diverse organisation. The Ethnic Minorities Network (EMbrace) maintains an inclusive, welcoming environment for under-represented ethnicities, as well as attracting and retaining talent from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Rothschild & Co Family Network – UK

The Family Network supports our people to achieve a happy balance between their work and family lives. That might mean providing extra support during life transitions such as becoming a parent, or helping people from all kinds of family unit achieve their personal and professional goals.

Rothschild & Co UK Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Network – UK

Our LGBT network supports our leadership to create a work environment that empowers our LGBT+ colleagues to be their full selves and achieve their full potential.

Rothschild & Co UK Women's Network

Our Women's Network champions our female colleagues in all kinds of ways – from nurturing talent, to developing new business opportunities. We also run professional development programmes, such as informal connection sessions for junior and senior colleagues, and a Women in Leadership speaker series.

Cityparents – UK

Cityparents is an award-winning, inclusive network for professionals balancing family life with a progressive career. They offer an expert-led online and in-person programme, covering everything from parenting to wellbeing, resilience and career progression.

Stonewall - UK

Stonewall seeks to support LGBT people around the world and help create workplaces where everyone feels free to be themselves. The Global Diversity Champions Programme is Stonewall's best practice employer's forum on sexual orientation equality in the workplace for global organisations.