Working with entrepreneurs

80% of our clients are first - or second - generation beneficiaries of entrepreneurial wealth. As they are often focused on managing their businesses, personal financial issues may take a back seat. Whatever stage of your journey, we can help you make the most of your business for you and your family.

Privileged access to our expertise

We offer you the benefit of a full range of expertise in terms of business and investment advice, combining the know-how and complementarity of a private or corporate banker, a wealth engineer and an investment manager.

Tailored advice

We work as a team in order to meet all the expectations of entrepreneurs, both on the private and the professional side, by providing them with complete service, in line with the Group' s advisory activities, such as Global Advisory and Merchant Banking.

Our understanding in business advisory and wealth engineering gives us a global view of your professional and private wealth, allowing us to advise the entrepreneur, the family and the business at the same time.

Your present and future projects


Too often entrepreneurs neglect their personal finances in pursuit of business growth. But it's never too early to seek the right advice - whether it's building wealth during the development phase or finding the right financial partners for your growth projects.

We bring our expertise to you, when it comes to your investment and international development needs. In addition, in collaboration with our Global Advisory teams, we advise entrepreneurs on fundraising and external growth initiatives.


For your business

The market environment, the nature of the business, and your personal and professional objectives are key factors in your decision to sell, so you'll want a strong personal advisory team alongside your corporate one. We work closely with our Global Advisory division to champion your personal interests, while your corporate team can focus on your business. 

For you

Selling a company is undoubtedly a major event in the life of an entrepreneur and affects your daily life and projects. It is crucial to consider the decisions to come and to anticipate the future. Whether it is a question of reinvesting the funds from the sale or pursuing philanthropic projects, by providing you with the right advice on personal finances, we can help you make the right decisions in terms of structuring, planning and taxation.