Regional projects

Since launching, R&Co4Generations has supported local projects in 18 countries.

Read on to learn about selected partnerships. 

Démos, France

Démos works with children from disadvantaged backgrounds to promote access to classical music through instrumental practice in orchestras across Paris. In addition to widening access to the arts, Démos enriches the educational paths of children, tells them about the cultural history of France and works to promote social inclusion.

Renaissance Youth Center, USA

Renaissance Youth Center is working to bring enrichment and meaning to the lives of young people in the Bronx whilst boosting high school graduation rates and college entrance rates. The Center's mission is to form well-rounded, driven youths, with the aim to lead them towards a positive and fulfilled future where they value the importance of themselves, their families and their communities.

The Access Project, UK

The Access Project helps bright young people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to one of the UK’s top universities. Through a unique programme they help teenagers from across the UK unlock their potential and transform their future prospects.


Enactus, UK

Enactus is on a mission to equip a national network of young leaders to transform society through real-life social action and environmentally responsible enterprise projects. Through a comprehensive experiential platform, Enactus is developing the skills and talents of over 3,000 university students across 65 campuses throughout the UK, and positively impacting the lives of 10,000+ beneficiaries each year

Entreprendre pour Apprendre, France

Entreprendre pour Apprendre creates links between young people, business professionals and schools to ensure all young people have the power to develop their creativity and ideas. Through their Mini-Enterprise programme young people experience entrepreneurship in a fun and engaging way so they can develop entrepreneurial mindsets, discover the professional world and take ownership over their future.

Fundación A LA PAR, Spain

Fundación A LA PAR in Spain ensure that young people with learning difficulties have access to comprehensive and specialised training from 12 years old until they can join the work force. Their school promotes values such as mutual respect and active participation in society. A strong emphasis is also placed on sport and artistic expression through music, theatre and painting.

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, Australia

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife safeguard ecosystems, wilderness, and flora and fauna in Australia through a number of conservation projects. They work to encourage people to care and to practice more positive ecological habits through environmental education. Our funding will be used to develop a new bushfire recovery nursery that will plant and grow tube stock for planting back in bushfire affected areas.

Garden School Foundation, USA

Garden School Foundation provides garden-based education to children and their families in Los Angeles, strengthening connections between food justice, environmental stewardship, and community health. They address the links between poverty, lack of access to fresh food, and academic performance whilst teaching gardening, cooking, and environmental sustainability.

Le Murier, Guernsey

Le Murier is a special education secondary school catering for a wide variety of needs. Students are offered a broad and balanced curriculum with a view to promoting skills for learning, life and living for all students. They are developing 'The Village Wilderness': an area for students to benefit from environmental learning through activities such as nature walks, bird watching, conservation and bush craft.