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Wealth Management - United Kingdom & Channel Islands

We work with the world's most successful entrepreneurs, families and charities to preserve and grow their wealth.

The family is in its seventh generation which allows us to have a long-term view, both in the way we invest for our clients, but also in the investment we can make in our clients."

CEO Wealth Management UK Helen Watson

The art of the long view

In an environment where short-term thinking often dominates, our long-term perspective to wealth management sets us apart. Our founding family are one of the few to have successfully preserved their wealth over many generations and we aim to replicate this success for our clients. 

WHO WE work with


Whether you're from a successful entrepreneurial family or you're starting out on your own, it's never too early to seek sound wealth management advice. Whatever stage of your entrepreneurial journey you're at, we're here to support you.


With a 200-year history as a family-controlled business, we know what it takes to sustain wealth for the families and descendants of wealth creators. We know that your capital is precious and irreplaceable, and we'll treat it as such.


We work with high-earning individuals across the legal, finance and consulting sectors as well as senior leaders at some of the world’s most successful businesses.

In addition to helping entrepreneurs, families and professionals, we also work with many other individuals and groups, including charities. We can support you and your organisation at each stage of your financial journey.

What we do

We look after your wealth as if it were our own, investing and advising you in the pursuit of your long-term goals.

Advice & planning

Whether it's providing an income, careful estate succession planning or navigating complex family issues, our Client Advisers will serve as your trusted guides around managing your wealth.


We build portfolios designed to meet your objectives, targeting inflation-beating returns in good times, while providing protection in more difficult periods.

Banking & lending

From freeing up capital through portfolio lending, to specialist mortgages and banking services, we'll tailor our services to help you make the most of your wealth.

Our Client Advisers are a great sounding board for all your financial questions. Below we answer some of the most common questions they have been asked.

What is wealth management?

The goal of wealth management is to help you meet your financial goals and achieve financial security. Many families and entrepreneurs aim to preserve and grow their wealth, in order to pass something on to future generations.

A wealth manager – or Client Adviser – is a professional who provides regulated financial advice to help you make informed investment decisions.

Is it worth paying a wealth manager?

Wealth managers charge a fee for their services, and overall charges will take into account the size of the portfolio and the number of transactions carried out.

While there is a cost to paying a wealth manager, their professional advice allows clients to make informed decisions about their wealth and often generates higher returns than going it alone. Client Advisers can also act as a sounding board for broader financial matters.

How much money do you need for a wealth management account?

The minimum amount of money required to use a wealth management company can vary significantly depending on the provider and the level of service offered. Some wealth managers are restricted to only the wealthiest individuals while others have lesser requirements.

The best way to find out if you are eligible to use a wealth manager is to contact the firm with details of your financial situation to see if you fit the criteria. Contact us if you would like more information.


  • How much money do I need to retire?


    No two retirement plans look the same, but making sure you have enough money to achieve your goals is key. Use cashflow forecasting to plan for the future, ensure you can enjoy your golden years, and take steps to preserving your wealth.

    Paul Lanigan

  • The next mood shift

    Market Perspective

    In this edition of Market Perspective we consider whether investors should be worried about rising levels of US government debt. We also examine the outlook for global inflation and how this could impact central banks’ upcoming interest rate decisions.

    Kevin Gardiner, Victor Balfour, Anthony Abrahamian

  • Abolishing 'non-dom' status - what you need to know


    The existing ‘non-dom’ tax regime will be abolished in April 2025. The impact on your finances depends on your existing status and how long you have held it, but non-doms should be reviewing their position now and forming a strategy for the future.

    David Kilshaw