Sustainable Investments

Five Arrows Sustainable Investments (FASI) is a predominantly minority direct growth & buyout fund dedicated to sustainability.

FASI invests in European SMEs that focus on providing solutions to environmental issues.

Our investment strategy


Sustainability is at the core of our investment strategy. We invest in future-proof companies, disrupting traditional models and experiencing high growth, combining positive impact on the environment and financial performance.

Lower and middle-market focus

We focus on the European lower and middle-market, a traditional stronghold of Rothschild & Co. We invest equity tickets from €10 to €40 million in companies valued between €20 and €300 million.

Flexible mandate

We invest alongside partners, including entrepreneurs, family owners, management, financial sponsors and corporates. We are flexible about the situations that we look to invest in, which include predominantly minority direct growth capital, replacement capital and traditional buyout transactions.

We use financial leverage where appropriate and always with utmost care and conservatism.

Investment criteria

We look for high-quality companies led by talented management teams who put sustainability at the top of their strategic agenda to drive growth and value creation. Specifically, we seek businesses which:

  • Have developed an innovation, a different approach to their market contributing positively to the environment
  • Have built a scalable and robust business model
  • Are profitable or can demonstrate a clear path to profitability
  • Benefit from positive market trends providing high visibility on future growth
  • Are looking to increase their impact through both revenue growth and operational improvement

Sector focus

In order to maximise the positive impact we can have on the environment, FASI is focused on sectors that contribute the most to carbon emissions:

  • Energy and energy efficiency
  • Food and agriculture
  • Sustainable cities

We are focused on specific sub-sectors that best meet our investment criteria.


Our approach

Theme-based investing

We leverage our sector knowledge and global reach to select attractive sustainable market segments and to identify specific investment opportunities. As a result, we have well-developed points of view on what we like to invest in and have commonly followed the businesses we invest in for long periods of time prior to the completion of a transaction.

This approach allows us to move quickly and be decisive in our responses and agile in our ability to commit capital.

Unique combination of expertise

FASI has developed an exclusive partnership with Air Liquide and the Solar Impulse Foundation. The purpose of this partnership is to combine the longstanding private equity experience of Five Arrows with the industrial and scientific expertise of Air Liquide in decarbonation of industry as well as with the environmental impact assessment methodology of the Solar Impulse Foundation. This unique partnership also brings tremendous resource to our portfolio companies to help develop commercial opportunities.

Partnership with management teams

Our ideal management team is one that has built a business over a long period of time and cares deeply about its business, its customers and the environment. We seek to partner with credible, ambitious managers who are thoughtful and have the ability to scale up and expand the business over time while taking responsibility for their impact on the environment.

Impact measurement

FASI will integrate its impact measurement methodology throughout the investment cycle from sourcing to exit. FASI helps management build an impact framework and sets both financial and non-financial (impact and ESG) objectives. Impact measurement and improvement are major drivers of the value creation plan.

Our team

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