We take on around 160 Graduates a year from all over the world.

Starting out as Analysts, they gain exposure to different projects and sectors across the business.

Specifically, you'll be getting involved in day-to-day work such as creating content for pitch books, developing bespoke financial models, applying valuation techniques such as discounted cash flows and trading/transaction comps analysis, and coordinating the transaction process. All alongside senior colleagues who will mentor you to develop at a pace that suits you.

Graduate in audience


The purpose of our Graduate opportunities is to develop our leaders of tomorrow – and to give university leavers the kind of connections that will set them up for the rest of their careers. That starts with bringing together the entire Graduate intake in London before they join their new teams so they can build their networks even before they start.

Training and development

Training and development

You will kick off your career with our six-week Global Graduate Training Programme alongside around 160 other Graduate starters from all over the world. Training in finance is a provided, and you will also learn skills such as communication, personal effectiveness, leading others and managing a team as you tackle tasks and group exercises. As your career progresses, your training will become more tailored to your personal development goals, with a mix of in-house and external courses, coaching and on-the-job learning experiences.

What we look for

The more diverse our team, the more ideas we can bring to the table. That's why we look for and value a wide mix of people from different backgrounds, universities and degree disciplines. There are some fundamental attributes we look for, however, such as:

Fundamental attributes

Good communication skills
Icon 01 - Commmunication_v2-square.png We create solutions for our wide range of clients and their evolving needs. To do so, it is crucial that our colleagues possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
Drive and ambition
Icon 02 - Drive_v2-sqare.png We pride ourselves on our heritage of taking bold perspectives and never being content with convention. Our colleagues possess a strong drive to strive for more and always deliver exceptional results.
Sound judgement
Icon 03 - Judgement_v2.png In an ever-changing industry, a sound, trustworthy judgement is essential in continuing to deliver innovative and successful solutions for our broad range of clients.
Icon 04 - Creativity_v2-Square.png Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Here at Rothschild & Co, it is the inventiveness and ingenuity of our colleagues that enables us to create effective, exceptional solutions for our clients.
Executional excellence
Icon 05 - Execution_v2-square.png The complexity of the work we do here at Rothschild & Co requires a demonstrable ability to efficiently manage both your own time and that of your colleagues to execute truly effective outcomes.
Icon 06 - Teamwork_v2-square.png We pride ourselves on the individual excellence of our colleagues, but it is their ability to utilise their collective insights and expertise as a team that enable us to achieve outstanding results.
Being comfortable with numbers
Icon 07 - Numbers_v2-square.png Whether you’re acting as a trusted, impartial partner to clients in our Global Advisory division or managing assets in our investment arm, a strong aptitude with numbers is paramount.

Our top tips

  1. Polish your CV

    Polish your CV

    Your CV tells us who you are before we have the chance to meet you. To make the best impression, keep formatting simple with clear fonts and bullet points to make the content easier to read. One page is ideal; two is the maximum. Highlight your main achievements and don't be afraid to explain any gaps up front!

  2. Prepare

    Prepare prepare prepare

    A successful job interview takes preparation. Make sure you've taken the time to find out about our main business areas, core values, recent news and what makes us different from other financial institutions. Be ready to explain why Rothschild & Co appeals to you and why you think you'd be a good addition. Good luck!

  3. Success at interview

    Success at interview

    Once you're in front of the interviewer, listen carefully and ask questions if you're unclear what we're asking. Give details of your experiences and specific examples of the skills we're looking for. Try to relax and ask us questions. We invited you in for a reason and can't wait to hear what you have to say.

How to apply

  1. Apply online


    Apply to one of our graduate programmes online to start your journey.

  2. First-round interview

    First-round interview

    Join us for a first round interview online or in one of our offices.

  3. Man helping woman

    Assessment centre

    Come for an assessment centre where you'll have a further interview with senior colleagues, take part in a group exercise and tackle a presentation.