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Advice & planning

We have no sales targets and we have no product. As a result of that, we can provide our clients with truly independent, objective advice."

Client Adviser Ben Harrison

Access to the right advice

We're an experienced guide for many successful families. We act as a sounding board across their financial affairs, beyond their investment portfolios. Our extensive network of global experts, together with our Client Advisers, are here to ensure you have access to the best wealth management advice.

Creating a multigenerational plan

You might find it helpful to use our wealth framework to divide your wealth into different 'pots', each with a range of objectives driven by accessibility, target returns and risk tolerance.

Planning for prosperity


Everyone’s personal finances are different, but the benefit of a strong financial plan is universal. Read the articles below to learn more.

Our Client Advisers are a great sounding board for all your financial questions. Below we answer some of the most common questions they have been asked.

Is financial advice worth it?

After spending years successfully growing your wealth, you should take an equally keen interest in preserving it. As time passes, inflation eats away at the real value of your money. Investing is one way to try and mitigate the impact of inflation.

However choosing where to invest can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Many individuals instead use a wealth manager to help them invest their money, and implement a long-term plan for their finances.

Who needs financial advice?

Rothschild & Co works with many successful entrepreneurs, families and charities to preserve and growth their wealth.

We realise that everyone has different financial circumstances and goals, but we believe that a strong plan is the best way to achieve continued prosperity.

What advice does a wealth manager offer?

Our wealth management team can discuss investment opportunities with you and can act as a sounding board on a broader range of financial issues.

Whether your goal is providing an income in retirement, estate succession planning or navigating complex family issues, we can connect you with our network of experts around the world. 


  • Gaming for good


    Our second Sustainability Sphere focused on the video games industry and considered how it can better drive positive social impact. Stakeholders asked how do we encourage people to play for the planet, rather than let the planet pay socially and environmentally?

    Becky Orme, Laura Negus

  • How to set up a power of attorney


    A power of attorney allows someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf and can be useful if your mental capabilities decrease, because of illness, accident or old age. In this article we explain how to set up a power of attorney and some key facts to be aware of.

    Tom O'Keeffe

  • How much money do I need to retire?


    No two retirement plans look the same, but making sure you have enough money to achieve your goals is key. Use cashflow forecasting to plan for the future, ensure you can enjoy your golden years, and take steps to preserving your wealth.

    Paul Lanigan