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Five Arrows

Five Arrows is the alternative assets arm of Rothschild & Co.

We have a globally diversified group of investors comprised of institutions, corporations, international family offices and entrepreneurs from Europe, North America, and Asia who invest alongside the firm, its partners and the team.

With global assets under management of more than €24 billion, Five Arrows manages a series of funds dedicated to corporate and secondary private equity, multi-managers funds and co-investments, as well as broadly syndicated loans and direct lending.

Our business is founded on three intertwined principles - our passion for investing, respect for risk, and culture of partnership - all of which define who we are today.

Our strategies

Our Investment approach

Passion for investing

The Rothschild family has an investing history dating back more than two centuries - particularly for backing entrepreneurs who the family felt were ahead of their times.

At Five Arrows we celebrate this legacy. So much so that a passion for investing is the single most important attribute we seek in our people. And we expend significant energy in ensuring that it remains the heart of our culture.

Respect for risk

Our investing ethos is centered on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We are convinced that this is the only way to consistently create long-term value.

This approach is borne out of a long-held Rothschild & Co philosophy of wealth preservation through active avoidance of capital impairment.

Respect for risk does not mean we shun it - rather, this mindset reflects the importance we attach to a proper understanding, quantification and pricing of risk.

Culture of partnership

We aim to form close, enduring relationships with each of our stakeholders: our investors, our managers, our people, our advisers and financiers, and broadly the environment in which we work.

We invest significant amounts of capital alongside our investors in each of our funds. We actively encourage our managers to invest alongside us in the companies they run - and make it profitable and easy for them to do so. And we do the same for each of our investing professionals.

By ensuring that we all "put our money where our mouth is", we hope to create a close-knit ecosystem where all of our interests are fully aligned. Our aspiration is to have a culture of partnership with a shared sense of purpose and level of collaboration in every important decision we make.

Responsible investing

Five Arrows has built its reputation on providing the highest levels of excellence. To maintain this we have defined our guiding principles to encompass a responsible and sustainable approach to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.

Our Responsible Investing policy is focused on two main objectives:

  • Integrate ESG criteria in our investment decisions to create long term value for investors and support the development of a sustainable economy as a responsible investor

  • Pursue an ESG engagement policy to create a constructive dialogue with our companies and help them improve

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Regulatory information is available here, including a summary of our Conflicts of Interests Policy and claims procedure.