Credit Management

Credit Management manages secured, sub-investment grade credit across a range of European and North American funds and investment mandates.

Independent teams in both Europe and North America actively manage diverse portfolios of par assets, focussing on the larger global issuers of secured credit.

Credit Management manages three distinct strategies, each focussed on the active management of diverse portfolios of performing credit.

Credit funds

Oberon Strategy
Elsinore Strategy

Bespoke managed accounts

European and North American CLO funds

Europe: Contego
North America: Ocean Trails

To obtain a copy of the Key Investor Document (KID) of our funds, please contact

Our teams are differentiated by their consistent outperformance of key indices, achieving strong investment returns through a combination of:

  • Deep fundamental credit analysis
  • A proven and long-established investment process
  • Senior and experienced teams of analysts
  • Continually drawing on the Rothschild & Co group's global platform of leading sector analysts to further inform our investment process and portfolio management
  • Pro-active management of all portfolios, to maintain credit quality and to optimise relative value

Our investment strategy

Experienced, sector-focused analysts applying fundamental credit analysis to construct portfolios of performing credits.

Credit Management invests in the secured credits of the largest sub-investment grade issuers across Europe and North America.

The end borrowers are significant businesses characterised by:

  • Predictable levels of surplus cash generation and low exposure to economic cycles
  • High barriers to entry/defendable market positions
  • Substantial levels of asset cover
  • Strong loan documentation and access to regular and comprehensive financial information and liquidity in the underlying debt to facilitate active portfolio management

Our proven investment process requires our analysts to continually assess their credit portfolios to preserve capital and ensure we optimise available returns.

Our approach

With a prime focus on capital preservation, our conservative management style looks to deliver consistent above market returns through superior asset selection and diligent portfolio monitoring to identify and exit at the first signs of credit weakness.
We operate well-diversified credit portfolios. Individual investments are typically 1%-3% of each fund.

We maintain a low ratio of credits per analyst to facilitate in depth analysis and real-time monitoring.

Rothschild & Co invests directly across Credit Management's various credit funds, creating a clear alignment of interest between the manager and the underlying fund investors.

Our team

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