Multi-Managers Mandates

Five Arrows Private Equity Programme (FAPEP) is our global multi-managers private equity platform.

FAPEP capitalises on the Five Arrows private equity expertise and over-the-cycle performance to invest globally across the private equity asset class: fund investments, secondaries and co-investments.

Given Rothschild & Co's presence in 50 offices across the globe and the FAPEP team's long-standing private equity experience, FAPEP has access to an unparalleled network of contacts and benefits from unique insight into the mid-cap segment, enabling us to identify and diligence attractive opportunities.

FAPEP's focus is to give access to a selected pool of top-tier managers. In order to mitigate regional cycles, FAPEP invests in growth capital and buyout situations in Europe, in the US and in emerging markets.

Our investment strategy

Diversification across private equity strategies and fund vintages

FAPEP has a mandate to invest in various private equity strategies: fund investments, secondaries and co-investments. This flexibility combined with our experience in multiple private equity strategies gives us a truly distinctive perspective.

Attractive mid-market investment opportunities

We pursue mid-market investment opportunities, generating appropriate risk-adjusted returns across various situations and geographies.

We focus on underlying companies that are established leaders in their market segments, operate proven business models and generate strong free cash flow.

Global focus

Our global focus allows us to mitigate risk by investing where we find the best opportunities at any given moment, while pursuing investments with a balanced risk-return profile. 

Our approach

Partner with well-established teams

FAPEP aims to build fruitful partnerships with top performing private equity managers. We bring more than money by providing a unique perspective through access to Rothschild & Co's global network. Our stable capital base enables us to partner with established teams for the long term across successive fund vintages. In addition to fund investment capabilities, we can also provide private equity managers with other types of capital – secondaries and co-investment firepower – enabling us to act as an experienced and user-friendly partner.


Focus on capital preservation

Thanks to a widely diversified portfolio, conservative views on leverage and disciplined investment approach, FAPEP aims to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with strong downside protection.

Our team

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