Marc-Antoine Collard

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Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research

Marc-Antoine is Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research at Rothschild & Co Wealth and Asset Management since 2014. Furthermore, he is lecturer in Economics at Sciences Po Paris since 2012.

Previously, he began his career as an economist at the Department of Finance of Canada (2004-05) in Ottawa and was then recruited as strategist-economist for CDPQ Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (2005-10). Marc-Antoine moved to France as Country risk economist for the Americas and Middle East, and Head of Commodities Research at Société Générale (2011-14). 

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  • Asset Management: Monthly Macro Insights - February 2024

    Market Commentary

    Regional divergence remained significant at the end of 2023. Although the impacts of high interest rates and the withdrawal of fiscal support are expected to weigh on growth in 2024, investors are keeping their sanguine outlook as they foresee fast interest rate cuts. Yet, resilient labour markets and renewed pressures on supply chains could require a tighter monetary policy stance than expected, upsetting investors’ high hopes.

  • Asset Management: Monthly Macro Insights - January 2024

    Market Commentary

    Global financial conditions have eased based on confidence that inflation will fall further and central banks will ease their monetary policies without a significant fall in economic activity. This wave of optimism has been boosted by the resilience of the US economy and the surprising shift in the Federal Reserve’s communication. Is the US the canary in the coal mine?

  • Asset Management: Monthly Macro Insights - December 2023

    Market Commentary

    Economic growth in advanced economies has been very weak in Q3-23, but the US was the notable exception, giving the impression the global economy remained resilient. Are we on a path of ‘immaculate disinflation’, or is the fall in inflation increasingly the reflection of a deteriorating economy?

  • Asset Management: Monthly Macro Insights - November 2023

    Market Commentary

    The last few months have seen global consumer confidence dip back to still-depressed levels, while business confidence has weakened in most countries. Still, investors remain somewhat optimistic as they foresee the resilience of the global economy amid the end of the monetary tightening.

  • Asset Management: Monthly Macro Insights - October 2023

    Market Commentary

    Most investors continue to foresee the resilience of the global economy despite the fastest global monetary policy tightening in four decades. However, not only the impacts of the latter are increasingly visible on economic activity, but the rise in crude oil prices and higher bond yields since midyear have raised new concerns regarding the goldilocks scenario.

  • Asset Management: Monthly Macro Insights - September 2023

    Market Commentary

    Over the past months, narratives dominated by central bank tightening producing an inevitable recession have faded from the scene. However, the economic outlook remains particularly uncertain amid further deterioration in business confidence.