Sustainable investing

We are convinced of our leading role in the transition to a sustainable finance and society.

Sustainable development within the Group

At Rothschild & Co, we want to use our influence and expertise to support the sustainability transition of the global economy. A common set of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities provides us with a clear focus on ensuring that sustainability is a strategic imperative across the whole Group. From our operational impact, to the products and services we offer, to the clients and supply chain partners we engage with, we aim to integrate these priorities at every level of our business model.

Sustainable investing

The complementarity of our Private Banking and Asset Management activities has enabled us to develop strong synergies in terms of financial management including enhanced analytical skills, selection of external funds, product innovation) and to build up a complete offer in terms of responsible investment.

First of all, we created mandates in which extra-financial criteria are at the heart of our investment process.

These mandates integrate the following ESG criteria into the financial analysis:

  1. Exclusion policy 
    • Exclusion of companies involved in the manufacture of controversial weapons;
    • Exclusion of companies involved in the production, exploration, development and processing of thermal coal;
    • Exclusion of companies that may breach fundamental principles.
  2. ESG research integration :
    • We have specialised ESG research and we are constantly liaisingwith companies.
  3. Minimum ESG rating :
    • For all our direct management, we are committed to selecting securities with a minimum rating higher than its benchmark, and we monitor these ratings on a monthly basis.
  4. Quarterly ESG reporting :
    • Regular monitoring of the ESG profile and extra-financial impact of our portfolios.


In addition, we have developed a reporting tool to monitor the ESG rating of mandates and have set minimum rating targets to favour companies with a better ESG impact. This system applies to all our mandates.

We also take advantage of the synergies with Rothschild & Co Merchant Banking to offer an unlisted investment fund, in line with our convictions regarding responsible management.

Today, we offer ESG coverage on both our listed and unlisted products.
This means that you have access to a full range of socially responsible management mandates, whatever your investor profile and objectives.


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