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Baudoin's story

Having a willingness to learn something new every day, and space to make mistakes and grow

Baudoin joined Rothschild & Co as an intern in the Five Arrows division. Now, two years on, he is an Investment Analyst working at our Paris office.

"I joined Rothschild & Co after completing my six-month internship in the Merchant Banking division, which confirmed to me that the company encompassed everything I was looking for in a future career.

I wanted to find a role where I would be afforded the autonomy to work in a way that suited me best, as I find this to be the best method to learn.

Even now, two years on, I still feel as though I’m learning something new every day.

Everyone immediately made me feel welcome…”

Everyone I worked alongside here at Rothschild & Co was supportive from my very first day during my internship.

When you're working in a challenging environment, with a lot of pressure and lots of projects, all with competing deadlines. You don't expect people to be very patient in waiting for you to be at their level.

Here, everyone immediately made me feel welcome. It was reassuring to see everyone make a concentrated effort to assist me, they really took the time to help me improve my skills.

A unique approach to development…”

Over time, my managers and Associates trusted me to take on more challenging tasks, which helped build my confidence.

In my current role as an Investment Analyst we spend most of our time working on financial models, finding comparisons in the market to value the companies we’re working with and preparing what we call an investment memorandum.

These investment memoranda, or memos, see us analyse a company’s financials and conduct strategic due diligence which we then simplify for our clients as best we can.

I was recently tasked with condensing a 100-page memo into just one or two pages for a deal we were working on. Though it was a hugely challenging task, it was very enlightening. I had to take everything I was working on and present it in the shortest way possible, and the businesses covered in the memo were incredibly complex and hard to understand.

It’s a unique approach to development; one which is central to how the firm works.

It’s important to have a willingness to learn…”

Everyone at the firm is very understanding of the learning curve, and that mistakes can happen when you’re learning the ropes. It takes a lot of time to reach the knowledge level of your more senior colleagues.

They’ll often show you where you might have gone wrong or where you could improve. That way, you’re always able to learn from those ‘mistakes’.

To succeed at Rothschild & Co it’s important to have a willingness to learn; to arrive at your first day and be as receptive as possible to everyone you work with – they all have so much they can teach you."


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