Kevin Gardiner

Kevin Gardiner - Global Investment Strategist - Rothschild & Co

Global Investment Strategist

Kevin is the Global Investment Strategist and a Managing Director at Rothschild & Co Wealth Management, having joined in 2014. The strategy team is responsible for in-house views on the global economy and capital markets. He chairs the Zurich-based Asset Allocation committee.

Prior to joining Rothschild & Co, Kevin worked at Barclays Wealth, latterly as CIO (Europe), from 2009. Previously, he worked for more than twenty years as a sell-side economist and strategist at several investment banks. He started his career as an economist at the Bank of England.

Kevin is a member of the Cardiff Capital Region’s advisory board, and a trustee of the London Music Fund. He has been a member of the Welsh Government’s Financial and Professional Services advisory panel, and of the Cardiff City Deal’s Growth Commission. For nine years to 2018 he was a Governor and chair of the Finance Committee at the United World College of the Atlantic. In 1994, at Morgan Stanley, he wrote the “Celtic Tiger” report on the Irish economy, still the fastest-growing economy in Western Europe. In 2015 his book “Making Sense of Markets” was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Kevin was a scholarship holder at UWC Atlantic College, where he took the IB. He graduated with a BSc (Econ) from the London School of Economics, and an MPhil (Econ) from Cambridge University.

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