Asset Management

We provide innovative and bespoke investment solutions to optimise and control investment risks. We achieve this through a wide range of management techniques: Solvency solutions with downside protection (risk on/risk off), Solutions for asymmetric risks, Liabilities management and Quantitative modelling.


Our talented team offers a large range of services, including fund research and fund related advisory by selecting and monitoring traditional and alternative pooled investment vehicles.

We also offer consultancy to Portfolio Managers, advising them on which funds (new or existing) best fit their investment strategy, existing portfolio and the current market conditions.

We can offer insightful market intelligence on manager views, details on significant positions and trades, industry trends, and best practice.

We also offer Investment Management and Investment Advisory.

Investment philosophy

Our aim is to achieve wealth preservation and real growth for our clients over the long term. We rely on four core principles to help us achieve this.

True open architecture
We are agnostic in our approach and focus on the best value for fees paid - be it through hedge funds, long-only funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We believe an unrestricted universe offers more opportunities, but also requires a serious commitment in terms of resources in research, legal and compliance, back office and a well-structured research process.

Search for excellence
There are very few managers who consistently add value over time. They can be part of leading institutions or small boutiques. We are committed to go the extra mile to find and get meaningful access to the best of them. Our Manager Research team employs industry standard processes and systems, but also draws on the resources available within the Rothschild & Co network - benefiting from the company's global footprint.

Active portfolio management
While the emphasis on top-down versus bottom-up might vary across portfolios, we share the following beliefs. Portfolio construction is of paramount importance. Combining strategies and managers in a sensible manner leads to an appropriately diversified portfolio. We look for the best managers and investment opportunities around the world - taking into account expected and historic returns, as well as market volatility. Armed with our in-depth macro and manager research, we are able to find strategies which make the most of the current investment landscape.

Robust risk management
In order to preserve and grow our clients' wealth, we first focus on avoiding losses before striving to achieve large returns. We minimise risks by being conscious of valuations and looking to invest with substantial expected returns.

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