Structured products

A diversification tool within an opportunistic management approach

We consider structured products to be an investment product in its own right, and the decision to include them in our portfolios is the result of a strong conviction on the part of our investment team.

A tailor-made design

  • Structured products generally combine a fixed-income product (a bond) and a derivative product (an option). This combination offers a wide range of protection and return characteristics and represents a significant diversification solution to improve the risk/return profile of your global portfolio.
  • We offer you tailor-made products, adapted to market conditions and integrating a risk/return ratio, maturity and capital protection in line with your profile and objectives.


A dedicated team

  • Our Group has a team dedicated to setting up structured products.
  • We operate in an open-architecture environment with total fee transparency. We select our banking partners through a bidding process in order to benefit from the best features offered by our various counterparties and to preserve our independence. The large amount of structured products outstanding at Rothschild Martin Maurel encourages our banking partners to offer the most aggressive prices, enabling us to offer you attractive pricing.


Our support

Our teams work with you to define your needs and expectations in terms of strategy, investment horizon and risk appetite. Structured products are available in our discretionary portfolio management offer. A dedicated financial manager can offer you the most appropriate solution to achieve your objectives. The way in which we are organised gives us unrivalled responsiveness, enabling us to propose products adapted to market conditions.

We support you from the product's creation to its maturity, so you benefit from regular and detailed monitoring of your portfolio.