Rothschild & Co annonce la publication du Rapport R&Co4Generations 2021-22 (en anglais uniquement)

We are proud to announce the publication of R&Co4Generations’ Progress Report 2021-22. The first of its kind since the launch of R&Co4Generations in 2021, this interactive report provides a summary of our philanthropic mission and of the impact of our activities across the world.

In line with the R&Co4Generations’ core mission to empower the next generations and protect our world, we have already made significant impacts globally across our strategic areas: developing skills and talents, cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets, championing innovation and environmental protection.

Working in collaboration with 50 selected not-for-profit organisations across 22 countries, our key achievements include:

  • 62,000 beneficiaries aged 5-30 supported, primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • 84% of our partners have helped to increase young people’s leadership through improving their confidence, resilience and other soft skills.
  • 42% of colleagues engaged with R&Co4Generations’ activities, including volunteering, giving and challenge events.
  • 860 acres of land, equating to nearly 500 football fields, have been protected.

The Group is committed to its ambition to help combat the effects of inequalities and climate change. R&Co4Generations is a key pillar of the Group’s strategy and an enabler to create a sustainable future for the next generations.

Read the full report here.

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