June 2022, Zurich, Switzerland

Starting from a blank canvas

The first edition of the series, Dwellings, explores the different aspects of the places we inhabit, ranging from questions around intimacy, privacy, and representation to questions around the social dynamics of congregation and productivity. The role of the home, the office or the city as “dwelling” places lay at the centre of the concept for this exhibition. Covid-19 meant that most people worked remotely and had to renegotiate their work-life balances. Offices and buildings, which used to have a busy, productive energy, suddenly became quiet, like libraries. Artists have been reflecting on these questions long before the pandemic. While dealing with the fragility of the places we inhabit, our exhibition also addresses the challenges of translating a familiar terminology from the physical realm into a digital experience. The art we exhibit and the artworks we acquire for the collection, reflect the pertinent concerns which are characteristic of our time and place. We are pleased to give you a virtual tour and an introduction to the exposed artists below. 

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Exhibited artists

Dexter Dalwood

Born 1960 in Bristol (UK)
Artwork: Tehran 1979, 2022

Hélène Fauquet

Born 1989 in Saint-Saulve (FR)
Artwork: I only want to read avant-garde books I only want to hear avant-garde records, 2020

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Born 1941 in Düsseldorf (DE)
Artwork: Alle Kleider einer Frau, 1970s

Julian Göthe

Born 1966 in Berlin (DE)
Artwork: The Fat Shadow IV, 2021

Thomas Hutton

Born 1983 in London (UK)
Artwork: Artemis, 2022

Nora Kapfer

Born 1984 in Munich (DE)
Artwork: I‘s kitchen, 2017

Christopher Page

Born 1984 in London (UK)
Artwork: Blue of Noon, 2021

Josefine Reisch

Born 1987 in Germany
Artwork: Lady Seashell Bikini, 2020

Tobias Spichtig

Born 1982 in Sempach (CH)
Artwork: Nice one, 2022

Gili Tal

Born 1983 in Tel Aviv (IL)
Artwork: Spaces for Reflection, 2019

Heimo Zobernig

Born 1958 in Mauthen (AT)
Artwork: Untitled, 2018


Christopher Page: Courtesy of the artist and Ben Hunter, London
Hélène FauquetCourtesy of the artist and Édouard Montassut, Paris
Tobias SpichtigCourtesy of the artist and Galerie Bernhard, Zürich
Hans-Peter FeldmannCourtesy of the artist and Galerie Francesca Pia, Zürich
Gili TalCourtesy of the artist and Galerie Francesca Pia, Zürich
Nora KapferCourtesy of the artist and Galerie Lars Friedrich, Berlin
Josefine ReischCourtesy of the artist and Galerie Noah Klink, Berlin
Heimo Zobernig: Courtesy of the artist and Simon Lee Gallery, London
Dexter Dalwood: Courtesy of the artist and Simon Lee Gallery, London
Julian Göthe: Courtesy of the artist and suns.works, Zürich
Thomas Hutton: Courtesy of Thomas Hutton, Bassano in Teverina