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Swift and insightful communications underpinned our business' success in the early 1800's. This rich history of correspondence continues.

Too good to be true?

07 Dec 2023 | Perspectives podcast

In the latest episode of Perspectives from Rothschild & Co, Laura Künlen and Global Investment Strategist Kevin Gardiner and Victor Balfour delve into recent market developments, draw conclusions on a notably eventful year, and offer a preview of what investors can expect in 2024.

Stocks and bonds rebound strongly in November

04 Dec 2023 | Monthly Market Summary 

Global equities rebounded by 9.2% in November (USD terms), as did global government bonds by 3.0% (USD, hedged terms).


A conversation with our CEO

30 Nov 2023 | Perspectives podcast

In the latest episode of our Perspectives podcast, Laura Künlen and Laurent Gagnebin, CEO of Rothschild & Co Bank AG, delve into his career journey, the motivations behind Rothschild & Co's delisting, the significance of loyalty in shaping a firm's culture, and the parallels between the worlds of finance and music.

Global supply chains

21 Nov 2023 | Strategy blog

Geopolitical risk has risen, consumer demand remains firm, and the 're-shoring' debate has not disappeared. So, what are the latest developments in global supply chains?

Disinflation and growth

02 Nov 2023 | Market Perspective

Money and bond markets suggest interest rates are about to plateau. But has groupthink affected our expectations? In this Market Perspective we ask what investors can do about bias. Plus, we examine the latest inflation figures.


Why include non-listed assets in a global allocation?

17 Oct  2023 | Private Markets

As a complement to public equity, private markets have evolved significantly in recent decades and their popularity continues to grow.

Insights: Issue 12

27 Sep 2023 | Mosaique Insights

Featuring an interview with our Front Office Heads in Geneva and Zurich, Gabriel Gascon and Andreas Feller, the 12th edition of Mosaique Insights takes a closer look at private banking, an industry that has experienced significant transformations in recent years, and explores how we can assist our clients in navigating complex market environments. Additionally, we shed light on the asset class of private markets and take you on a trip to the United States with our equity research team.

Switzerland flying high

13 Sep 2023 | Investment Views

Psychiatrist and explorer Dr. Bertrand Piccard made aviation history with his successive non-stop around the globe flights in a balloon and a solar airplane. In our interview, we trace back his aeronautic firsts, discuss the importance of perseverance and make the case for Switzerland's investment opportunities, as a country rife with high-tech innovation.


Blue gold

21 Jun 2023 | Thematic Insights

Water is one of the most precious resources, and it is likely to become a lot scarcer. To counteract this problem, there is an urgent need for investment in research, installation, and modernisation of the water supply infrastructure - and for companies that develop innovative solutions. So, what companies address this issue while offering opportunities for investors?

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