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A strong start to the year for stocks and bonds 

2 Feb 2023 | Monthly Market Summary 

Capital markets experienced their strongest January gains in years. Moderating inflation, easing energy prices and expectations of a slowing tightening cycle, particulary in the US, buoyed both stock and bond markets.


Wachstums- und Inflationsausblick für 2023: Quo Vadis, Notenbanken?

31. Jan 2023 | Volkswirtschaftlicher Blog

Wir ordnen in unserem aktuellen Volkswirtschaftlichen Blog die Prognosefehler für das Jahr 2022 ein, beleuchten die Konsensus-Schätzungen für das BIP-Wachstum und die Inflation für 2023, erläutern die Einschätzungen der Notenbanken und geben einen Ausblick auf die Kapitalmärkte.



The Silver Economy

24 Jan 2023 | Thematic Insights

According to the World Bank, average global life expectancy shot up from 65 in the early 1990s to 73 in 2020. This brings about several opportunities for economic development. What does this mean for investors? And how can one capture returns in a market set for profound changes?

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Strategy Update: The economic mist clears

12 Jan 2023 | Perspectives Podcast

A war in Europe, an energy crisis, shades of the 1970’s – inflation and industrial unrest – and sharply rising interest rates. Just to name a few themes that dominated the economic and investment world in 2022. But what about 2023?

Mosaique Insights

21 Dec 2022 | Mosaique Insights

In the 10th edition of Mosaique Insights we take a closer look at the key questions for 2023 and how portfolios managed this past quarter. We will also shed some light on the status quo and possible turning points in the Ukraine war and take you on a trip to Israel with the Head of our new Israel office.

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The economic mist clears

15 Dec 2022 | Market Perspective

With geopolitical risk still present and impossible for markets to ignore (though tensions may not necessarily increase further), we are left facing the cyclical question of whether inflation can subside without an economic slump. In this edition of Market Perspective, Kevin Gardiner and the Strategy Team briefly revisit the UK's fiscal events before discussing COP27.

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Out of this space

06 Dec 2022 I Investment Views

In the following interview with Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at CheckPoint Software Technologies, we learn about the cybersecurity sector, what role  it plays in the current geopolitical context and why Israel is considered to be the world leader in cybersecurity expertise.



What's in the cards for Visa?

23 Nov 2022 | Company Insights

Do you have one in your wallet? With 3.8 billion credit and debit cards stamped with the Visa logo there is a high chance you do.
In our conversation with Visa's CFO Vasant M. Prabhu we find out more about Visa's business model, the shift from cash to digital payments and future growth opportunities

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Private Debt Investments: Risks under the microscope

31 Oct 2022 | Private Market Series

While private debt is an attractive investment strategy, we analyse the risks of private debt investments and show why the choice of manager is so important.

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