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How to hold Rothschild & Co shares

Click on the drop-downs below to find out about holding shares in Bearer form, administered registered form or pure registered form.

In bearer form

Your shares are held by your bank or financial institution only, so your ownership is not registered in Rothschild & Co' books. This is the most common way of holding shares.

In administered registered form

Your shares are held by your bank or financial institution, which manages them, but are also registered in the Company's books. As we know your identity, we can give you a more personalised service. .

In pure registered form

Your shares are held by Société Générale Securities Services, our register's manager. This means your shares and personal information are registered in your name, so you will automatically receive Group information and an invitation to the Annual General Meeting. You will not be charged for custodian fees.

The advantages of holding registered shares

If you hold your shares under administered or pure registered form, you are guaranteed a personalised service.

  • You will automatically receive all information concerning Rothschild & Co, such as the Annual Report.
  • You will receive a personal invitation to General Meetings by post, as well as information about how to participate at these meetings.
  • You will be sent the documents relevant to voting by mail or by proxy.
  • Registered shareholders only have to provide proof of identity to attend a meeting. No proof that their shares have been locked up is required at the meeting date.
  • Information on all of the company's financial operations (capital increases, bond issues, debt reimbursements, etc.) is automatically sent to you.
The advantages of holding pure registered shares

Communication resources are made available to you at no cost by the Rothschild & Co pure registered shares department. To consult and manage your registered share accounts, Société Générale is appointed by Rothschild & Co, and proposes:

-     A telephone service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in all languages:

0825 820 000 (call costs €0.125/min
00 33 2 51 85 67 89 (international)

Using this service you can:

  • speak to an advisor in any of 6 languages, from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. (CET)
  • request a balance and the last few transactions on your account,
  • submit orders (subject to signature by the shareholder of an order authorisation contract)
  • obtain diverse information on management of your shares, tax matters concerning investments, etc

-     An Internet service accessible at

A personal access code will be provided for you on your account statements. Using this service you can:

  • consult the balance and transactions carried out on your share account,
  • communicate via e-mail,
  • update your personal details,
  • submit orders (subject to signature by the shareholder of an order authorisation contract).
Opening an account for pure registered shares

If you wish to open an account to acquire Rothschild & Co pure registered shares, you simply make a direct request by mail to the Securities Department of Société Générale in Nantes.

Société Générale Securities Services
32 rue du champ de tir - CS 30812
44308 Nantes Cedex 3 – France

Or via phone : +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89 (exceptionally only available from 9H30 to 12H and from 14H30 to 18H due to Covid-19)

Or via fax : +33 (0)2 51 85 62 15

If you wish to transfer pure registered Rothschild & Co shares, you simply make a written request to your financial intermediary who will handle the transaction by contacting the Securities Department of Société Générale in Nantes, at the address above. Similarly, subject to a written request on your part, the Société Générale Securities Department will transfer your bearer shares immediately and at no cost.

To submit orders to Société Générale to buy or sell Rothschild & Co shares

Your orders must be submitted by mail, fax, Internet or telephone (see above for details). All orders are transmitted to the market within a maximum of two hours. At present, Société Générale does not offer a deferred payment option for registered shares.

Order payments

If buying shares, the shareholder must pay 50% of the purchase amount in support of the purchase; the balance is payable in support of the notice of market transaction. When the transaction payment is received by cheque, you will be recorded as a pure registered shareholder and will receive notice of subscription. If selling shares, the amount is paid directly by Société Générale by cheque or bank transfer (details for the destination account are required) within five working days following execution of the order for payment on delivery or immediate payment.

Payment by Société Générale of dividends on Rothschild & Co shares

Payment method

Payments in cash will be made either by bank transfer or by cheque on the settlement day. We recommend that you transmit your bank details to Société Générale so that payments can be made directly to your bank account.

Tax follow-up

A single printed tax form relative to dividend payments and, if applicable, disposals over the course of the year, will be sent to you the following February. The calculation of capital gains or losses on disposals of shares is an additional procedure which can be carried out at the request of shareholders who are then billed for the service.

Rothschild & Co shares as part of a share savings scheme

If you wish to hold your shares as part of a share saving scheme, you may classify them as pure registered shares.

Rothschild & Co shares can be acquired for placement in a share saving scheme or a request can be made to have them classified as pure registered Rothschild & Co shares as part of a share saving scheme opened with your financial intermediary.

However, purchase and sale orders must obligatorily be made via the financial intermediary in charge of managing your share saving scheme and the shares will be subject to custodian and management fees withdrawn from your account by the latter. It is important to make sure that this type of registration does not generate additional fees charged by intermediaries in connection with their own management procedures.

Financial calendar

Date Event
7 November 2023 Third quarter information 2023

Share information

ISIN code: FR0000031684
Ticker: ROTH
Market: Euronext Compartment A (France)
Listing place: Paris

Evolution of dividend

  2018 2019 2020 2021
Dividend per share €0.79 €0.00 €0.70 €3.79
Total distribution (in millions of euros) 57.7 - 52.3 280.6



Since January 2008, Rothschild & Co awarded a liquidity contract to Rothschild & Cie Banque, a subsidiary, in order to improve the share's liquidity, regulate the share price and avoid unjustified differences between market price and fair value. When this contract was in place, 150,000 shares were made available to the liquidity manager.

The Company releases half-yearly reports on the liquidity contract. All reports are available in the "Regulated Information" search toolbar.

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