• As engaged investors we want to play an active role in influencing business practices and drive flows towards the most sustainable players.

    As fiduciary responsible investors we are committed to protecting our portfolios from ESG risk and seizing new opportunities.

    Through our broad range of investment expertise we benefit from a key positioning to encourage large corporates, small- to mid-cap players, as well as investment firms, to embrace sustainable and innovative practices, which we consider vital in a world that faces challenges from climate change and social injustice. Through our investment business lines and our wealth management activities, we proactively engage, raise awareness, and increase transparency regarding ESG issues amongst a wide array of institutional and private investors (including entrepreneurs, foundations and charities).

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  • Corporate Responsibility report 2019

    Read more about our approach and commitment to responsible investment in our Corporate Responsibility report 2019.

  • Rothschild & Co: Wealth & Asset Management and Merchant Banking: investment principles for the thermal coal sector (PDF)