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Resource management

As part of our business culture we champion reducing waste and encourage circular economic practices and recycling. We will procure resources responsibly using recycled materials.

Our objectives

  • Reduce waste production and increase recycling
  • Reduce incineration and eliminate waste to landfill

To help achieve the ambitions outlined for resource management, we assess local infrastructure capabilities and engage with resource management companies. Doing so will help us ensure resources are processed with a cyclical mind-set and redeployed wherever possible.

Our targets and aspirations*

  • Achieve a group recycling rate of 80% by 2025
  • Zero waste to landfil by 2030

Case studies

Since 2014 Rothschild & Co's New Court office has participated in the Corporation of London's Clean City Awards Scheme. The scheme is open to all businesses based in the City of London. It aims to develop partnerships with City businesses by raising the profile of responsible waste management and recognising and rewarding best practice.

Since Rothschild & Co's participation, it has incrementally improved its waste prevention and management and has been awarded in:

  • 2014 and 2015, the Gold Standard
  • 2016, the Gold Standard with Special Commendation
  • 2017, the Platinum Award
  • 2018, shortlisted for the Chairman's Cup and achieved the Platinum Award
  • 2018, winner of the Plastic Free City Award
  • 2019, winner of the Zero Waste Platinum Award (Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management)

We believe that traditional approaches to materials' use can place undue pressure on global resources and that they are wasteful and uneconomically viable in an increasingly challenging business environment.

We measure and monitor the environmental footprint of our most material operational aspects and report this information annually.

For more information about our operational impact, please refer to the Rothschild & Co Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF).

Resource and materials management

Resource disposal in tonnes 2018
2019  2020
Anaerobic digestion 73.50 64.04  20.28 
Composted 0 10.03 9.48
Incinerated energy recovery 269.07 247.08 176.31
Landfilled 127.84 53.76 29.50
Re-used 0 0 3.42 
Recycled 192.50 230.32  100.29 
Total 662.92 606.23 339.27
Total disposal tonnes/FTE 0.19 0.17 0.10

* Against a 2018 baseline.