• We encourage a culture of responsible business and proactively take responsibility for the impact we have as a business on our people, our industry, our communities and our planet.

    For more than 200 years, we have earned a reputation for serving clients to support ideas that have shaped the world in the long run, enabling growth and economic progress.

    Our unique heritage and outstanding record of achievement is driven by a strong  values-driven culture. This culture has earned us the trust of our people, partners, clients and shareholders and drives our commitment to Corporate Responsibility today and in the future. It plays a fundamental part in the way we do business and in reaching our long-term strategic objectives. 

  • Responsible people culture

    We aim to attract and retain the most talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences by creating an environment that empowers our people to grow, deliver and excel.

    Responsible investment solutions

    We want to play an active role in influencing business practices and drive investments towards a more sustainable economy.

    Responsibility for our communities

    We want to effect positive change in our communities and help make a meaningful difference to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Responsibility for our environment

    We are strongly committed to contributing to a more environmentally sustainable economy and limiting our environmental impact.

    Responsible business practices

    As one of the world's leading independent financial services groups, we place high emphasis on good conduct, based on personal accountability and commitment in the way we work with each other and our clients and partners.

    Corporate Responsibility report

    Read our Corporate Responsibility report 2019 for more about our approach and commitment to fostering responsible business practices.