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Corporate Governance

Regulated agreements

Regulated agreements

To date, only one regulated agreement within the meaning of Article L.225-38 of the French Commercial Code (Code de commerce) is in force.

The table below presents the key information on this agreement:

Contracting parties Rothschild & Co SCA Mrs. Angelika Gifford
(member of Rothschild & Co Supervisory Board)
Person indirectly interested None
Key dates

Date of approval by the Supervisory Board: 17 September 2019

Length of the agreement: from 1 October 2019 to 20 October 2020, renewable for one year

 Purpose of the agreement

It is a consultancy agreement on Rothschild & Co strategy relating to IT infrastructure and information security.

The Supervisory Board considered that it was in the interests of the Group to benefit from the professional expertise of Mrs. Angelika Gifford given her current and past senior management positions in IT and information security areas.

 Financial conditions Remuneration: definitive amount to be agreed by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board within the limit of €10,000 per annum

Reimbursement by Rothschild & Co of the reasonable business expenses incurred by Mrs. Angelika Gifford in the performance of her role as consultant

Ratio between the price for the company and the last annual profit: < 0.01%(1)

(1)  This amount corresponds to the ratio of the annual remuneration provided for in the agreement (maximum amount of €10,000 per annum) to the annual profit of the Rothschild & Co Group (net profit - Group share excluding exceptional items for the 2019 financial year).