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Wealth Management UK

Working with families

Two centuries of managing our own wealth gives us a unique perspective on what ‘long term’ really means. We understand what it takes to preserve wealth over multiple generations, while making sure each generation can benefit from it.

Please get in touch to tell us about your family goals and hear more about how our experience can help you.

Our founding family is one of the few to successfully sustain their wealth over 200 years

With regards to wealth, it's commonly thought that many families will create, then lose, their wealth within three generations. We, however, are now entering our seventh generation as a family-controlled business.

This was made possible by robust planning and taking a long-term view.

With a shareholder who measures success over the long term, we are able to apply the same time frame for our clients.

Bust at New Court, Rothschild & Co

"Lack of order will turn a millionaire into a beggar"

Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777 - 1836)

New Court building at Rothschild & Co

Creating a multigenerational plan

Sustaining wealth for multiple generations is complex, but there are some simple steps you and your family can take to give yourselves clarity. Learn more about our process and how we can help you.

Whether you're a first generation entrepreneur, or a family looking to preserve and grow your generational wealth, understanding your goals and having an effective financial plan in place is vital.

We are an experienced guide for many successful families, who choose to invest with us for the long term.

We often act as a sounding board across our clients' financial affairs, beyond their investment portfolios. Where each client's circumstances are different, sometimes this requires specialist support. Our extensive network of global experts, together with our Client Advisers, are here to ensure you and your family get the best advice.

Contact us

If you'd like further information on how we might help you and your family, please get in touch.


Insights Discover how our advice and expertise comes to life


The curious incident of the falling bond yields

1 August 2021 | 30 mins

While inflation in the US remains at startling levels, the response by money markets has been muted despite evidence that this risk is may become more 'trend' than 'transitory'. In this Market Perspective, we take a look at this inflationary threat as well as climate change, current house prices, and the historic response of markets to the raising of interest rates.

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House prices are "on fire"...

28 June 2021 | 9 mins

Being confined to our homes for the past year prompted many to re-evaluate their housing priorities. Bolstered by low interest rates and scarcities, these surging prices for residential property have begun to ignite concerns over market froth, especially given the divergent experience of different regions and sectors.

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What to expect

1 July 2021 | 26 mins

While 2021 has seen robust economic recovery and strong portfolio performance, we remain aware of how unpredictable markets can be. We also know the importance of communicating this, so in this Quarterly Letter, we update a previous letter where we spoke about both our investment approach, and managing expectations.

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