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Wealth Management UK


The big ideas and important details behind our approach to preserving your wealth for the long term.


The curious incident of the falling bond yields

1 August 2021 | 30 mins

While inflation in the US remains at startling levels, the response by money markets has been muted despite evidence that this risk is may become more 'trend' than 'transitory'. In this Market Perspective, we take a look at this inflationary threat as well as climate change, current house prices, and the historic response of markets to the raising of interest rates.

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What to expect

1 July 2021 | 26 mins

While 2021 has seen robust economic recovery and strong portfolio performance, we remain aware of how unpredictable markets can be. We also know the importance of communicating this, so in this Quarterly Letter, we update a previous letter where we spoke about both our investment approach, and managing expectations.

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Digital exuberance: the £1,000,000 banknote revisited

10 May 2021 | 15 mins

As strong recovery around the world continues, inflationary concerns continue to overshadow this growth while developments in the tech sphere prompt fears that these stocks are increasingly overvalued. In this Market Perspective we examine these claims, as well as the rise of digital currencies, and now, 'digital collectibles'.

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House prices are "on fire"...

28 June 2021 | 9 mins

Being confined to our homes for the past year prompted many to re-evaluate their housing priorities. Bolstered by low interest rates and scarcities, these surging prices for residential property have begun to ignite concerns over market froth, especially given the divergent experience of different regions and sectors.

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ESG Report 2020

4 May 2021 | 40 mins

In our 2019 report, we suggested that it was the year when sustainability went mainstream. Looking back on 2020, we might say that it was the year that turbocharged environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, as the pandemic focussed minds.


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Inflation: Why it matters

8 July 2021 | 8 mins

As the spectre of inflation continues to overshadow the strong global recovery we have seen in 2021, we take a closer look at the issue of inflation, how it can impact the value of your wealth over the long term, and what you can do to protect against this.


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