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Investment management

Wealth Management UK

Investment management

Our clients' capital is precious and irreplaceable. Our first overriding goal is to keep our clients wealthy over the long term; our second is to meet this first goal while avoiding large losses along the way.

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Our investment principles

We set out to preserve our clients' wealth, not make them a second fortune – instead, we focus on sustainable long-term growth. When investing our clients' money, alongside our own, we are guided by the principles below.

At Rothschild & Co, our primary goal is to deliver inflation-beating returns over the long term. Our unique, bottom-up investment approach helps us achieve this. We select every investment based on its individual merits, its risks and the long-term returns we expect it to produce. Only then do we view it within the context of the wider portfolio, asking what each investment could bring to the portfolio as a whole.

We invest for the long term and ensure we maintain high conviction in all our holdings. We spend our time focussing on the fundamentals, not prevailing market sentiment, and take an in-depth, hands-on research approach to all the investments we consider adding to portfolios.

Milton Friedman once described inflation as "taxation without legislation". This hidden tax quietly erodes the 'real' value of wealth and affects the purchasing power that comes with it.

Some wealth managers pride themselves on beating a benchmark or an index – we don't. Instead, we focus on preserving the real value of our clients' wealth by targeting returns ahead of inflation.

For many of our clients, their wealth is hard earned and irreplaceable. We set out to preserve our clients' wealth, not create them a second fortune. Investing in stock markets can be volatile – while investors will enjoy the upswings, the unavoidable downswings can sometimes be hard to bear. While we use equities or equity-like investments for growth and to stay ahead of inflation, we also construct our portfolios to limit the impact of market setbacks.

As long-term investors, we seek genuine sustainability over time. ESG and responsible investing is therefore at the core of our investment approach, because investing sustainably is the only way to deliver attractive returns over multiple generations.

When investing in direct equities, our investment team assesses and debates ESG factors as an integral part of the investment process, just as we consider a company's competitive position, its business model and the quality of its management. At Rothschild & Co, this isn't just a box-ticking exercise, it's a vital part of being a long-term investor. This means looking to invest in companies with sustainable business models and responsible business practices, and working with third-party funds which share our philosophy.

At Rothschild & Co, we maintain strong conviction in our portfolios and invest alongside our clients. All our senior team are invested alongside our clients, so our families' wealth is tied up with yours.

We look after your wealth the way we look after our own.

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Our approach to ESG

We've always invested in long-term, sustainable businesses. To discover how environmental, social and governance issues are embedded in our approach, visit our responsible investing page.

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Our investment approach

An in-depth look at how we manage money on behalf of our clients.



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