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  • Market Perspective: Pedal to the metal

    While the more optimistic predictions of global recovery continue to materialise, there are ongoing suggestions that substantial inflationary pressure lies further down the road. In this Market Perspective, we examine this landscape and also delve into various other developments around global supply chains and policy decisions.

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    Strategy blog: The semiconductor shortage

    The pandemic's disruptive impact on the demand and supply of microchips has resulted in a significant shortage of these components. As economies continue to open up and recover, increased demand will likely exacerbate this problem, with consequences for inflation, the stock market and geopolitics.

  • Quarterly Letter: Balancing risk and return

    The pandemic has been endlessly touted as unprecedented, as a 'once-in-a-liftetime' event. While this is hopefully the case, unexpected crises such as COVID-19 remind us that we cannot predict the future, and are never entirely safe from risk. In this Quarterly Letter, we examine this tricky issue of risk and return in investing. Rather than trying to forecast the future, we instead focus on building portfolios that balance long-term returns with an ability to withstand loss-causing events. 

Wealth Insights


Swift and insightful communications underpinned our business's success in the early 1800's, an advantage we used for the benefit of our clients. Now in the seventh generation of family control, this rich history of correspondence continues.

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