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Wealth Management

Strategy podcast

Strategy podcast

The Strategy podcast is a series of market and macro-economic podcasts by Wealth Management's Global Investment Strategist, Kevin Gardiner, and narrated and produced by Investment Insights.

12 June 2020

Are markets and the economy disconnected? In our latest discussion with our Strategy and Insights teams we examine if lockdown has meaningfully changed consumer habits and whether high levels of government borrowing should be a cause for concern.

Previous podcasts

27 April 2020

As we witness the fastest bear and bull market in financial history, we bring you an extended discussion on the economics of life under lockdown, whether a comparison with the 1930s is valid and how equities and safe haven assets are performing in the current climate.

13 March 2020

Looking at the economic impact of Covid-19, we ask our Global Investment Strategist Kevin Gardiner for his latest insights after a turbulent period for investors and clients. From an oil price shock to a study of the Coronavirus outbreak from a historical perspective, in this edition we explore some of the most challenging issues facing investors today.

12 February 2020

In our first Strategy podcast of 2020 our Global Investment Strategists, Kevin Gardiner and Victor Balfour, and Head of Investment Insights, William Haggard, discuss the quiet rebound in economic and business data, what we should observe from the latest viral outbreak in China and how we remain positioned in our latest asset allocation views.

18 December 2019

In the final Strategy podcast of 2019, our Global Investment Strategist Kevin Gardiner and William Haggard discuss US-China trade, Modern Monetary Theory and what a stabilisation in some of the data means for our strategic portfolio positioning.

22 November 2019

In November's episode of the Strategy podcast, Global Investment Strategist Kevin Gardiner, Victor Balfour and William Haggard discuss why the business cycle remains a relatively polite one and how corporate profits didn't slow, as well as why we moved neutral equities in October and what we can learn from a look at collectivism vs individualism.

10 October 2019

Our latest Strategy podcast captures a live conversation between our Global Investment Strategist Kevin Gardiner and Victor Balfour and William Haggard. In this latest episode we discuss some of the most talked about topics raised by clients from the global economic slowdown, division across central banks, the pending US impeachment process and of course Brexit.

16 September 2019

In September's Market Perspective podcast we discuss the effects of ongoing trade tensions; interest rate cuts and the stance of central banks in the current geopolitical environment.

13 June 2019

A shift in investor sentiment, softer macro-economic data and a real look at interest rates and inflation; June's Market Perspective podcast precedes the publication this month and looks back at a busy period for investors, as well as forward to the topics in our next Market Perspective publication.

8 May 2019

In May's Market Perspective podcast, we look back at what's been driving positive market sentiment in the last six weeks and look forward to the challenging topic of recessions and their impact on businesses. From a historical comparison of previous recessions and their effect on markets, we ask ourselves; where do we stand today?

18 March 2019

In March's Market Perspective podcast we discuss some of the biggest socio-economic issues at stake today arising from climate change, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and populism. In addition, we review what matters from the macro-economic data released over the last six weeks.

8 February 2019

February's Market Perspective explores how inflation-beating long-term returns are still available, but are more difficult to find as the cycle matures. Wealth Management's Kevin Gardiner also discusses the impact of the Fed's decision to pause monetary policy normalisation.

12 December 2018

This issue provides a year-end review looking at the latest Market Perspective: When markets disappoint.


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