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Asset Management

Conviction management

With headquarters in Paris, our European branch takes a balanced perspective, which aims to deliver excellent returns for our clients by outperforming the indices - with a controlled level of risk.

Our talented team of experts offers asset management services to institutional clients, external distributors and independent financial advisers. We cover a full range of products, including Equities, Fixed-Income, Convertible Bonds and Flexible Diversified Funds.

Our expertise

We have a team of innovative professionals who provides specialist investment management services across equity, fixed income and diversified management.

Large caps

Our European Large Caps Equity expertise is an active, high-conviction strategy focused on Europe. The main performance driver is stock selection, with a strong focus on a bottom-up approach which is based on a fundamental analysis of companies. The strategy aims to deliver superior returns whatever the market conditions, with permanent risk control.

Small and mid-caps

Our Small and Mid-Cap Equity Strategy is an active, high-conviction-based investment in eurozone companies. Stock selection is at the heart of the investment process. Our approach is research-oriented, emphasising bottom-up stock selection.


We offer a range of thematic equity funds which aim to capture long-term trends in eurozone (real estate, 'silver economy', corporate governance).

Fixed Income management

Our talented Fixed Income team benefits from expertise across all major securities including:

  • Government bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Convertible bonds
  • Inflation-linked bonds

We use a strategic active-management approach, based on top-down combined with a bottom-up analysis of securities valuations and portfolio construction. Our outstanding fund managers look to add value through managing risk and return across a range of factors, such as country allocation, duration and yield curve management, credit strategy and security selection.

Diversified Management

We offer a diversified portfolio which follows an active conviction-based strategy, where we create value through strategic asset allocation. These portfolios reflect the strongest convictions of the portfolio managers, both in terms of stock selection and of asset class.

Our philosophy and process

We actively manage our portfolios with a goal to outperform the indices, whatever the market conditions, and with a controlled level of risk. Our investment strategy is based on four key principles that drive our investment decisions regarding allocation, sector and stock selection.

Our four core investment principles are:

  • Conviction: Our portfolios reflect the strongest convictions of the portfolio managers in terms of asset allocation, thematic, sector and securities selection. We aim to create value by making smart securities choices that will outperform indices.
  • Fundamentals: Our investment philosophy is based on comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Contrarian: We do not follow the market consensus if we believe there is a disconnection between the fundamentals and the market's expectations.
  • Convexity: We seek asymmetrical investments, where there is high upside potential and limited downside risk.

Our teams

We employ more than 170 talented professionals in Europe, including financial analysts, economists, strategists and portfolio managers, based in Paris and Marseille.

The management teams bring together some of the most respected professionals in the business. They work together, sharing knowledge and expertise with the sole aim of meeting the long-term interests of their clients.

The teams are organised by area of expertise: Equities, Fixed Income and Diversified Management.

Our fund range

All our fund ranges are available on our client portal


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Alessio Coppola

Head of sales - Southern Europe


Tel: +39 02 8909 2600


Quentin Piloy

Head of sales – Northern Europe


Tel: +32 2 627 77 31


Fausto Trevisan

Head of sales – France & UK


+33 1 40 74 87 26