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Explaining the events and trends impacting the world and how we adapt our strategy to them.

Latest video podcast

Strategy Update: The Great Illusion
(May | 2022)

In this latest strategy podcast we look at the correlation between inflation and commodity prices, monetary policy risks as well as the consequences for our asset allocation.

Previous video podcasts

Strategy Update: Don't look up (Feb | 2022)

In this strategy podcast we look at central bank interest rates, government debt and the pandemic, geo-political tensions and the latest changes to our asset allocation.

Strategy update: Running hot - or overheating? (Dec | 2021)

In this latest video-podcast with our Strategy Team, we discuss the persistent risk of inflation, how central banks are responding to rising inflation, the takeaways for investors after the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP 26) and our latest view on crypto assets.

Strategy Update: While we were away (Sep | 2021)

As summer is coming to an end, we discuss with our strategy team what the central banks' latest policy rates and decisions are, elaborate on our sector views in light of the latest global developments and find out what we should look out for in the 4th quarter of 2021.

For further wealth insights, please read our latest Market Perspective here.

Strategy Update: Better for people, worse for bonds (May | 2021)

We discuss the historical significance of the past year's recovery, what SPACs are and what our view is on them. In addition, we look at the Dollar's latest moves and how countries are taking different approaches to supporting their economies during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Strategy update: Davids and Goliaths (Feb | 2021)

In the latest video-podcast with our Strategy team, we discuss the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, the rise of retail investors, how Bitcoin measures up to alternative investments, the potential of a stock market bubble, and whether economic growth lies ahead.

For further insights please read our Market Perspective: Davids and Goliaths

Strategy update: What's next? (Nov | 2020)

In the latest video-podcast with our Strategy team, we discuss potential policy changes from the new US administration, possible inflation scenarios, the IMF's stance on government debt and our current House Views in the light of recent vaccine news.

For further insights please read our Market Perspective: Sitting tight

Strategy update: US election brief (Oct | 2020)

In the latest video-podcast with our Strategy team, we discuss the rise in global COVID-19 contagion, the September sell-off in US technology stocks, and what investors should keep in mind with the US elections now less than one month away.

For further insights please read our Market Perspective: While we were away | US election brief

Strategy update: Moving on? (Aug | 2020)

In our latest video-podcast, we discuss with our strategy team how the extraordinary events of the past six months have shaped the current macroeconomic climate, why recent developments in the EU and the US matter to investors, and whether rising valuations in US tech and Chinese stocks are a bubble in the making.

For further insights please read our Market Perspective: Moving on?

Strategy update: Looking across the valley (Jun | 2020)

Are markets and the economy disconnected? In our latest discussion with our Strategy and Insights teams we examine if lockdown has meaningfully changed consumer habits and whether high levels of government borrowing should be a cause for concern.

For further insights please read our Market Perspective on Looking across the valley | The bill.

Private markets platform (May | 2020)

Through our sophisticated private markets platform we offer clients access to top-tier private equity, private debt, private infrastructure and private real estate managers. Eligible clients can invest through us as nominee in a broad range of private market assets at attractive conditions.

For further insights on our private markets offering, please read our Investment Views on The rise of private markets.

Investment Update: 1st Quarter Review (Apr | 2020)

In a quarter which saw the fastest bear market in history and the worst quarter for equity market returns since the 2008 financial crisis, we bring you the latest views from our CIO at Rothschild & Co's Wealth Management business in Switzerland.

Investment update: Covid-19 (Mar | 2020)

In a week which saw some of the largest falls in financial markets for many decades, we interview the CIO of Rothschild & Co's Wealth Management business in Switzerland. 

For further insights, please also listen to our latest Strategy Podcast and read our Market Perspective; This too shall pass.

Silver Economy (Mar | 2020)

As society ages across the developed world, purchasing power is shifting to the Baby Boomers. This in turn is opening up new markets for companies servicing the silver economy. In this infographic video, find out more about navigating shifting demographics.

For further insights, please also read our Investment Views on The Silver Economy

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