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Market Summary July

2 Aug 2022 | Monthly Market Summary

Despite ongoing global growth and inflations concerns, capital markets rebounded in July: global equities rose significantly, after touching a year-to-date low in June. Global government bonds also posted strong gains.


Mosaique Insights

27 Jul 2022 | Mosaique Insights

In the 9th edition of Mosaique Insights we take a closer look at what type of investments can thrive in challenging times and shed some light on the topic of inflation. We will also take you on a trip to the Nordics and introduce you to our new Rothschild & Co Switzerland Art Collection and Exhibition Series. 


The story so far

08 Jul 2022 | Market Perspective

The latest version of our series "Market Perspective - The story so far" has been published.

Also available in German & French.

UK - New government

7 Jul 2022 | Strategy Blog

After the last two days it is not a big surprise that the UK is to have a new Prime Minister, and even if it were, it is not clear in which direction UK asset prices should be headed.


Market Summary June

4 Jul 2022 | Monthly Market Summary

Volatility remained elevated across stocks and bonds. Global equities fell sharply, briefly touching a new year-to-date low mid-month, alongside global government bonds.

Asset allocation (July/August 2022)

04 Jul 2022 | Mosaique Views

Explaining our current positioning by asset class, region and sector, our Mosaique Views publication is primarily for Clients and sets out the reasons for our latest tactical asset allocation. 



Market volatility

15 June 2022 | Strategy blog

Daily movements of 3-4% in the big stock market indices are unsettling even to experienced investors.


One fine stay

14 Jun 2022 I Investment Views

An interview with Olivier Lefebvre, the CEO of Cheval Blanc, in which we discuss what it takes to build a sustainable best-in-class luxury brand, the opening of the group's latest hotel in Paris as well as lessons learnt during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Great Illusion

12 May 2022 | Strategy video blog

Discussing the big picture and the "Great Illusion", the correlation between inflation and commodity prices as well as monetary policy risks and their consequences for our asset allocation. 

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