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Why the US middle market is attractive for Private Equity Investors

20 Sep 2022 | Private Market Series

US midmarket companies are a powerhouse of the US economy. Therefore, we examine why this market segment is very attractive to private equity investors, how managers can create value and how returns differ from investments in large cap companies.

Veritas Asian Fund : The Asian Century

19 Sep 2022 | Thematic Insights

A conversation with Ezra Sun, Veritas's Head of Asia and manager of the Veritas Asian Fund, on how the EM Asia region and investing space have changed, the region's investment potential and what would surprise us about China.

The sound of Sonova

09 Sep 2022 | Company Insights

Did you know that hearing loss currently affects more than 20% of the global population?

A conversation with Arnd Kaldowski, CEO of Sonova, a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions, on the attractiveness of the industry, Sonova's product portfolio and the most recent technological evolutions.

Also available in German & French.

Asset allocation (September/October) 2022)

06 Sep 2022 | Mosaique Views

Explaining our current positioning by asset class, region and sector, our Mosaique Views publication is primarily for Clients and sets out the reasons for our latest tactical asset allocation. 



Market Summary August

4 Sep 2022 | Monthly Market Summary

A volatile month saw capital markets reverse their initial gains in August: both global equities and global government bonds came under pressure after the Fed signalled that US interest rates will rise further and stay higher for longer.

Peak US inflation?

17 Aug 2022 | Strategy blog

The US headline inflation rate softened in July, though there is still uncertainty over its trajectory going forward. In this Strategy Blog, we highlight a few important observations which suggest that this may not have been another false summit.


Mosaique Insights

27 Jul 2022 | Mosaique Insights

In the 9th edition of Mosaique Insights we take a closer look at what type of investments can thrive in challenging times and shed some light on the topic of inflation. We will also take you on a trip to the Nordics and introduce you to our new Rothschild & Co Switzerland Art Collection and Exhibition Series. 


UK - New government

7 Jul 2022 | Strategy Blog

After the last two days it is not a big surprise that the UK is to have a new Prime Minister, and even if it were, it is not clear in which direction UK asset prices should be headed.


One fine stay

14 Jun 2022 I Investment Views

An interview with Olivier Lefebvre, the CEO of Cheval Blanc, in which we discuss what it takes to build a sustainable best-in-class luxury brand, the opening of the group's latest hotel in Paris as well as lessons learnt during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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