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Swift and insightful communications underpinned our business' success in the early 1800's. This rich history of correspondence continues.

A Female Legacy

08 Mar 2023 | Perspectives Podcast

This International Women's Day we open the door to the Rothschild Archive and shed light on how the women of the Rothschild family shaped the early days of the business and how their legacy translates till today.

‘Higher for longer’ prompts market rout in February

2 Mar 2023 | Monthly Market Summary 

Capital markets experienced a difficult February, as renewed interest rate risk from further monetary tightening moved into focus. Both global equites and government bonds fell last month.


ASML - Supplying the world with semiconductors

28 Feb 2023 | Company Insights

In an interview with ASML's Head Investor Relations Europe, Marcel Kemp, we find out more about the firm's product portfolio, the industry, and the general market outlook.

Also available in German & French.

The credit cycle

28 Feb 2023 | Strategy blog

Received wisdom has it that bond investors are smarter than stock investors. The corollary is that credit analysts are more ruthlessly focused on fundamentals – cash flow, leverage, and the risk of default. Return of capital trumps return on capital.

Growth fears overdone

22 Feb 2023 | Market Perspectives

Falling real income, rising inflation, and monetary tightening have led to a sense of economic fatalism. However, throughout Europe, the UK, and the US, signs are suggesting a (hopeful) turn of events, making for a better outlook for the year ahead.

Private debt: An attractive investment opportunity

14 Feb 2023 | Private Market Series

Currently, private debt investors benefit from attractive yields of 7% to 10% per annum. We compare the characteristics of private debt to other fixed income segments and equities, highlight its advantages and examine the risks in case of an economic stress scenario.



The Silver Economy

24 Jan 2023 | Thematic Insights

According to the World Bank, average global life expectancy shot up from 65 in the early 1990s to 73 in 2020. This brings about several opportunities for economic development. What does this mean for investors? And how can one capture returns in a market set for profound changes?

Also available in German & French

Mosaique Insights

21 Dec 2022 | Mosaique Insights

In the 10th edition of Mosaique Insights we take a closer look at the key questions for 2023 and how portfolios managed this past quarter. We will also shed some light on the status quo and possible turning points in the Ukraine war and take you on a trip to Israel with the Head of our new Israel office.

Also available in German & French

Out of this space

06 Dec 2022 I Investment Views

In the following interview with Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at CheckPoint Software Technologies, we learn about the cybersecurity sector, what role  it plays in the current geopolitical context and why Israel is considered to be the world leader in cybersecurity expertise.



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