• Giving our clients more control and stability.

  • Global perspective

    Wherever our clients live and work, we can help with their wealth planning and business and family governance.

    As trustee, we often create and administer structures that hold all of a client's assets, from operating companies and intellectual property to art collections and aircraft.

    Our proactive approach and global expertise help clients to stay on the right side of constantly evolving legislation worldwide - making it easier to live, work and invest internationally.

    What's more, we manage the practical burden that comes when living and moving between jurisdictions, coordinating people and activity across countries.

    We help entrepreneurs and families to safeguard their assets and to create their own legacy.

    When doing so, we look beyond narrow legal and technical issues, to focus on strengthening business and family relationships.

    As world leaders in wealth and succession planning, we know how to protect against what often goes wrong.

  • "Lack of order will turn a millionaire into a beggar"
    Mayer Amschel Rothschild
    (1744 – 1812)
  • Services

    Every wealth owner faces planning challenges.

    Whether it's managing succession, protecting assets and privacy, effective charitable giving or complying with tax laws, our wealth planning service can help.

    We start by defining the purpose of the planning and the nature of the legacy the client wants to create.

    Once the foundations are laid, we can structure the full range of assets.

    As a robust trustee, we hold and administer bankable and non-bankable assets on our clients' behalf, tackling challenges that arise over time.

    Trust, our independent trust and fiduciary business, works freely with its clients' existing advisers and investment managers.


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