Our expertise

Expert, tailor-made service

Our expertise in providing advice, investment solutions and wealth planning enables us to take a comprehensive view of a business-owner’s professional and personal assets, acting as the banking partner of the entrepreneur, the family and the company.

Our service to you:

  1. Optimise the structure of your private and professional wealth
  2. Understand and develop your investment strategy in view of your objectives and commitments
  3. Define your asset allocation and assess your risks
  4. Select an investment approach
  5. Implement your investment strategy through dedicated management of your portfolios
  6. Provide best in class family office services through a dedicated team

Unique access to corporate advisory and investment expertise

When business leaders become Rothschild Martin Maurel clients, they are given access to the complementary skills of a private or corporate-banking relationship manager, a financial planner and an investment manager.
We work as a team to meet all the requirements of family executives, as regards both their private and professional wealth. Our comprehensive service includes the Rothschild & Co group's advisory activities, for example, in corporate finance (Global Advisory) and private equity and lending (Merchant Banking).

We want our clients to benefit from Rothschild Martin Maurel's extensive global network, and from the synergies that exist within our group. We therefore encourage discussion between our various business lines, and we work closely with our M&A and merchant banking teams, developing shared expertise and techniques that we apply for the benefit of entrepreneurs and family-owned companies.

Our convictions


As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to build long-term, trusted relationships based on mutual understanding: this helps us serve our clients' interests as effectively as possible. Each of our recommendations is carefully thought out and considered from a long-term perspective.


The quality of our advice is of the utmost importance to us, and risk management is integral to each step of our decision-making process. We make sure that our recommendations are right for our clients, and that they are implemented effectively.


We hire the banking industry's best professionals, which means we can be agile, adjusting our approach and our services to our clients' specific situations and their short-, medium- and long-term objectives. Our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit guide our efforts to find unique solutions.

Close relationships

We take an entrepreneurial approach, getting to know our clients, understanding their objectives and plans and gauging their current expectations, while responding as those expectations develop over time. This means that we can consistently provide the right advice and solutions.