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    Swift and insightful communications underpinned our business's success in the early 1800's, an advantage we used for the benefit of our clients. Now in the seventh generation of family control, this rich history of correspondence continues.

  • Presenting our thinking and commitment when managing your wealth, Our Investment Approach details how our two investment philosophies: market-focused (Mosaique), and company-focused (New Court), are designed to help achieve our clients' goals.

    In our latest edition of Mosaique Views we explain our current positioning by asset class, region, sector and currencies including the reasoning behind our investment decisions.


    In the latest edition of our tri-annual Mosaique Insights publication, experts from our Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt and London offices as well as colleagues at equity research house Redburn discuss some of the enduring drivers of change in the way we preserve and manage wealth today.

  • From market updates from our CIO to breaking down investment themes with our Head of Advisory, these short and understandable Video-podcasts offer engaging insights into today's most pressing financial topics.

    Our latest Market Perspective, written by Global Investment Strategist Kevin Gardiner, makes sense of the current macroeconomic environment and reflects on what it means for our clients' portfolios.

    Through our Strategy podcast and Strategy blog, our global investment strategists offer analyses, ideas and opinions on the latest market and macroeconomic data, and what these mean for our strategic portfolio positioning.

  • As the environmental debate has gathered pace, the need for action has brought opportunities for investors seeking to invest thematically in this developing area of finance. In our latest Instant Insights we explore the “E” of ESG investing; the environment.

    Six approaches to ESG investing explained, how impact investing is transforming micro-financing in emerging markets and why share-holder engagement and corporate activism matters today. In our latest edition of Investment Views, we explain how investors can combine humanity with business.

    Our Monthly Market Summary covers the key events across the major regions and asset classes to give a compact yet comprehensive review of the past month.



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