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  • Die EZB agiert gegen Inflations - und Fragmentierungsrisiken


    In diesem Blog ordnen wir die jüngste Zinserhöhung der EZB ein, beleuchten das neue EZB-Instrument der "Outright Monetary Transactions" (OMT), analysieren was gegen eine erneute Eurokrise spricht und zeigen unsere Portfolioausrichtung auf.

  • Rothschild & Co: 2022 – Half-year results release

    Regulated information

    Strong first half performance.

  • Monthly Market Summary: July 2022


    Despite ongoing global growth and inflation concerns, capital markets recovered in July: global equities rose significantly after hitting a low for the year in June. Global government bonds also posted strong gains.

  • Mosaique Insights: Issue 09

    Market Commentary

    In the 9th edition of Mosaique Insights we take a closer look at what type of investments can thrive in challenging times and shed some light on the topic of inflation. We will also take you on a trip to the Nordics and introduce you to our new Rothschild & Co Switzerland Art Collection and Exhibition Series.

  • Asset Management Europe: Monthly Macro Insights – July 2022

    Market Commentary

    The current challenge for central banks is to restore low and stable inflation, while preserving financial stability and averting a recession. A task that looks less likely now than a few months ago.

  • Market Perspective - The story so far

    Market Commentary

    The investment mood has darkened since May’s Market Perspective. Objectively, however, little has changed. Within this edition, we discuss the risks still being posed by the Ukraine conflict, why the US economy is closer to a technical recession than we first thought and the volatility within markets.

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