Merchant Banking

Our approach

Flexible structuring

We believe that each company that we look to support has its own unique set of aspirations and requirements.

Wherever possible - and within the framework of our assessment of risk and return - we therefore adopt a flexible and customised approach to structuring each of our investments to ensure these needs are met.

This enables us to structure financing solutions for a very broad range of potential situations:

Buyout financing:

  • Supporting private equity sponsors with tailor-made financing packages

Expansion capital:

  • Funding expansion into new products, markets or geographies by providing financing for capital investment or working capital
  • Financing accretive bolt-on acquisitions where equity is unduly dilutive or in short supply

Refinancing and recapitalisation:

  • Creating equity value release events for shareholders
  • Providing additional cash headroom into financing structures and addressing looming debt maturities
  • Replacing uncooperative lenders

Shareholder restructuring:

  • Facilitating changes in ownership structure, generational change, succession planning and management incentivisation without recourse to equity funding
Supportive financing partner

We aspire to be a supportive and constructive partner to the entrepreneurs, families, private equity sponsors and management teams that we support.

We have a long-term, partnership-oriented approach - reflecting our heritage as a family business with more than 200 years of investing history - and we believe that this mind-set provides us with a perspective that is truly distinct from our competitors.

We are committed to acting in a transparent, efficient and responsive manner in order to provide a high-quality service offering that meets the needs of the transaction situations that we are addressing.

Added-value investor

We believe that as part of the Rothschild & Co group we are uniquely well-positioned to make a real difference to our investment partners.

We have the capability - within of course the context of strict adherence to client confidentiality - to draw upon the privileged market intelligence, industry insight and unparalleled contact networks available within the firm, and to share this knowledge and these connections with our partners where relevant.

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