Merchant Banking

Our approach

Theme-based investing

We leverage our sector knowledge and global reach to pick attractive sector themes we want to back and work from there to identify specific investment opportunities. As a result, we have well-developed points of view on what we like to invest in and have commonly followed the businesses we invest in for long periods of time prior to the completion of a transaction.

This approach, combined with our domain expertise, allows us to move quickly and be decisive in our responses and agile in our ability to commit capital.

Operator network

The most distinctive aspect of our business model is our dense network of industry executives - both active and retired - across the globe in each of our core sub-sectors. Our investment teams utilise these operators for every deal to develop proprietary angles on embedded upsides invisible to industry outsiders.

Owners and managers of our portfolio companies often find in our operators a tremendous resource to develop commercial opportunities and test new business ideas.

Active partnership

We seek to support strong, motivated management teams with whom we establish a relationship of trust. Our approach is to then 'let management do their job'. At the same time, as an engaged shareholder, we are looking to support and guide great companies to become even better and achieve their full strategic potential. Our input is tailored to the needs of companies and we do not shy away from providing strategic or operational support when needed.

Our involvement can range from helping to upgrade management control systems, to developing frameworks to boost R&D and capital investment, providing support for bolt-on acquisitions and leveraging our network to introduce new customers and aid in product and geographic expansion.

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