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8 November 2022 Third quarter information 2022
13 February 2023 Publication of annual results 2022

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  • Quarterly Letter - Navigating challenging investment seas

    Investment / strategy

    Plain sailing. Batten down the hatches. Strong headwinds. When describing markets, it's common to call upon maritime metaphors to convey uncertainty. In the current economic landscape, we find ourselves reaching for them again.

  • Nick Bossart joins Rothschild & Co as Head of Global Advisory, Switzerland


    In his role, Mr Bossart will apply his advisory experience to clients in Switzerland and bring Rothschild & Co’s global platform to them.

  • Strategy blog: Interest rates - are we nearly there yet?


    At different paces, and with varying displays of conviction and credibility, western central banks are continuing to raise interest rates, closing the stable door ever more firmly as the inflation horse canters merrily on the horizon. As we write, the rates priced into the money markets suggest that US, eurozone and UK policy rates will peak at 4.6%, 2.9% and 4.9% respectively, and will do so during 2023. Swiss rates are expected to peak at 2.2%, during 2024.

    Kevin Gardiner

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