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Your career

Reach your potential.


We pride ourselves in treating people as individuals. Our aim is to help each of our employees to reach their potential. We are committed to providing bespoke training and advancement opportunities to help our people meet their goals and objectives.


Continuing education

Your journey begins before you join the firm. New hires are given information of any training programmes they are joining and/or are introduced to their teams early so that their introduction into their new team is smooth.

Managers play a key role in ensuring our new hires are made to quickly feel at home in our culture and are responsible for helping new hires to accelerate their networking.

When you join you are introduced to the firm through a well-organised induction programme, which gives you a kick-start to understanding how our business works:

  • How our business works
  • The resources available to employees
  • Your obligations both from a regulatory and cultural point of view
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • The benefits you can expect
  • Health & Safety obligations

An overview of our businesses is a critical part of your induction, so that you understand the full range of services we offer clients - and how these can overlap to give our clients an even more complete, comprehensive service.

Each business within our group will follow up with a specialised induction.

Our priority is to integrate you effectively into the firm and make you feel at home in our culture.

Furthermore, The Rothschild Archive offers monthly insights into the history of the firm, providing new and current employees with a truly fascinating overview of how the firm was founded and developed over time.

As your career progresses, we work in partnership with management to see how best we can develop and advance your career. We aim to put together personalised training for every employee through a blend of training that includes:

  • Targeted in-house training
  • External learning
  • Tailored coaching
  • On-the-job training and experience

And we move at a pace that is appropriate for the individual.

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing the knowledge of our people, we have transition events for each key promotion stage. These are designed to help people understand the requirements of their new role and build a strategy for success. It focuses on understanding how to make successful career transitions and what skills will be required in the new role.

Training is actively reviewed as part of your Personal Development Plan for the following year so that you and your manager share a common view of how your progress can evolve. Training plans will vary in nature from country to country.

In addition, here are some of the training courses we offer throughout the year:

  • Executive coaching
  • Negotiation skills
  • Advanced Financial Modelling
  • Influence and Impact
  • Sales Bootcamp

We also actively encourage individuals to attend courses that are directly relevant to their current position or career path.

Selection of training courses

This works best when used to help individuals address specific personal development issues, or to help them when taking on a particularly challenging role or project. This coaching provides personal development that is genuinely bespoke, and is particularly appropriate for those in senior positions.

It is useful for a wide range of situations, but it is particularly helpful when moving into a new leadership role or when leading change.

This course is designed to help colleagues in becoming effective both as solo negotiators and team members. The course is interactive and flexible with learning based on participation in simulated negotiations. Particular focus areas of the course are as follows:

  • Behavioural aspects of negotiation with personal style analysis
  • How to keep a balance between 'win-win' co-operative and 'win-lose' competitive strategies
  • Modes - when and how to use creativity, reasonable power
  • Planning and teamwork within negotiations
  • Key tactics

This programme is aimed at Analysts and Associates with significant financial modelling experience. It will suit professionals who have built their own financial models, but identified problems when adapting them. It could also help those who wish to take their skills to the next level.

The course will develop the possibilities offered by the various lookup functions applied to data retrieval and, when combined with date functions, to date flexibility.

The course also covers:

  • Debt modelling and structuring models to avoid circularity
  • Auditing and data analysis tools

This is to help you to solve other common modelling problems.

This course has been designed to help individuals to understand the key differentiator between what makes a good, or excellent, banker, and we are keen to build the skills of all our bankers in this area. This programme has been designed to focus on communication, building rapport and winning the trust of colleagues and clients. The modules consist of the following:

  • First impressions - why do we jump to conclusions
  • What gets in the way of good communication skills
  • Importance of energy levels in making the right impact
  • Looking as if you mean what you say
  • Achieving your ideal personal impact in day to day interactions
  • Keeping calm under pressure

This programme will allow Client Advisors and Investment Specialists to review and improve their client meeting and sales skills. This will help you to build close relationships with clients and to win and retain business.

A highly practical session, maximum use is made of case studies, examples and filmed feedback.

The course will look at client meetings and sales skills in both formal and informal situations, with particular reference to:

  • Pre-meeting and planning
  • Initial dialogue, opening and asking questions
  • Structuring and delivering ideas with impact
  • Handling objections and questions / overcoming client inertia
  • Asking for the business / closing
  • Debrief and post-meeting analysis

Performance appraisals

A cornerstone of managing your career at Rothschild & Co is the involvement of yourself and your colleagues in the annual performance appraisals. Every employee participates in a 360 performance appraisal in which they assess themselves and receive feedback from a wide range of colleagues.

Support is provided to help you manage this process and get the most out of your appraisal. As a firm we spend considerable time appraising our people, person-by-person, in benchmarking committees. This allows our managers to share responsibility for people across the businesses rather than just in their immediate area.

As previously mentioned your Personal Development Plan is an important follow-up to this and gives us the opportunity to understand where our people need support, be it training, benefitting from a mentoring arrangement, work/international assignments or involvement in special projects.

Compensation and Benefits

Rewarding our people appropriately is central to our values and culture and we spend a great deal of time ensuring that we do so fairly.

Compensation is reviewed on an annual basis in conjunction with the performance appraisal process and consists of carefully balanced fixed and variable elements.

Fixed compensation is driven by the local market for the role, taking into account your responsibilities, skills and experience.

Variable compensation is based on a combination of factors including the firm's performance, the performance of the individual businesses, as well as your individual performance.

We are focussed on providing the right set of benefits in all of our locations, for all levels of employees within the firm.

Our aim is to give everyone the right benefits for them, whether we are focussing on health and wellbeing, pension arrangements, insurance or holiday policies.