Summer Internship Programme 2024 - Global Advisory - Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China

Country: China

Programme: Summer Internship

Duration: 10 weeks

Programme Description:

Our GA summer internship is a 10-week programme aimed at students in their penultimate year of university.

The internship programme is an intensive on-the-job training working closely with our global advisory team covering technical skills (accounting, valuation, and modelling) and internally led presentations.  Duties may be involved are listed below:

1) Conducting industry and company research and analysis

2) Document translation

3) Developing client presentations and pitchbooks

4) Provide document translation (English/Chinese) support to the team

5) Assisting to structure and execute transactions

6) Creating and reviewing financial models and trading comparables

Full time opportunities may be available to those that have performed well over the course of the internship.

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