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Headquartered in Stamford, CT, we manage investments covering a range of equity and balanced portfolios across the US and global asset classes, and large-cap, small/mid-cap, and small-cap capitalization ranges.

Active Management Expertise

Our active management expertise, developed in the US, includes large-cap, small and mid-cap and balanced strategies. We look to provide superior performance while controlling risk. Our seasoned teams of investment professionals use a disciplined investment philosophy and an integrated process focused on fundamentals.

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Risk-Based Investments

Rothschild & Co Risk Based Investments LLC provides transparent, consistent and risk-based solutions, in a range of single and multi-asset classes, including Equity and Fixed Income. We aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns, reducing significantly the volatility and the maximum drawdown compared with traditional market-capitalization weighted portfolios.

Active Management Expertise

What sets us apart

Our portfolio is bottom-up focused, targeting stocks with attractive valuations and improving fundamentals.  We couple this with a disciplined use of risk controls and ESG considerations. This has the potential to deliver consistent outperformance as well as protection in down markets with lower volatility than the benchmark.

Our equity strategies include:

US Large-Cap Core
US Large-Cap Value
US Focused Large-Cap Value
US Small/Mid-Cap Core
US Small/Mid-Cap Value
US Small-Cap Core
US Small-Cap Value
US Balanced*
Emerging Markets
Gender Diversity
Global REACT®

*Fixed Income portion is sub-advised by Advisors Asset Management, Inc., a non-affiliated SEC - registered investment adviser.

Our risk approach

By its very nature, risk cannot always be known in advance. Yet, we know we cannot add value for our clients without taking risk, so our focus is on identifying intelligent risks – the risks that we believe are most likely to contribute to outperforming the benchmark and least likely to cause unnecessary volatility. In terms of the best way to manage risk, our primary approach is to control common factor risks involved in our process so that we may concentrate on our strength, stock selection.

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US Equity Market Commentary

For a summary of the latest market and economic developments, please see our US Equity Market Commentary.

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