• With headquarters in Paris, our international management team provides access to the most talented alternative asset managers in the world.

  • The approaches we use include: trading strategy, quantitative trading, long/short equity and multi-strategy. Our operational platform allows us to offer successful portfolios that can be accessed in the form of funds of hedge funds and funds of one (single manager, UCITS structure).

  • Our expertise

    We invest in three major families of alternative strategies:

    • Multi-Strategy
    • Trading Oriented
    • Long/short equity and quantitative strategies
  • Our philosophy

    Our fund portfolios are made up of high-conviction investments, with well-diversified sources of both risk and return. We aim to capture as much performance upside as possible, while maintaining a strict focus on minimising downside risk.

    Capital preservation is achieved through diversification across strategies and by carefully selecting the very best fund managers. 

    Capital appreciation is achieved by active allocation across alternative strategies while avoiding large losses. We select our managers for their ability to generate investment performance while controlling the risk of large drawdowns. In doing so, we believe that we can generate higher medium-term returns than long-only management styles with lower risk and volatility levels.

    Our team has an excellent track record when it comes to selecting the best fund managers, because they are free from conflicts of interest and can focus solely on the specific interests of each client.

  • Our fund range

    All our fund ranges are available on our client portal

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